Fantasy Friday – Emilio De La Morena Olga Dress

One of the worst things about a broken heart is that it makes you lose interest in things you used to really enjoy. For me, that was shopping. For a good month now I simply had no inclination to buy anything. I didn’t even check the New In page at Lindy Bop at least daily like I normally do, and that is really saying something! Out of nowhere I suddenly felt like I probably had enough clothes anyway. I know, probably a good thing right? Yes, my bank balance is definitely feeling grateful for my newly single status. Still, it’s a shame that something that once brought such joy can lose all its appeal so dramatically. Good news then, friends? I STARTED TO WANT STUFF AGAIN! I guess I must really be feeling like me once more, because I found myself checking out the Collectif sale last week. Then, on my lunch break the other day (oh yeah, I take lunch breaks now too, I’m like a whole new person!) I found myself wandering around Oasis wishing there weren’t quite so many gorgeous Autumnal florals to choose from. Since then it’s snowballed, and I’ve found about a million things to feature here, but since this is my first fashion post in a while, I thought I might as well feature something really special.

Which brings me to this:

Olga Dress
Emilio De La Moreno ‘Olga’ Dress, £635,


All isn’t lost people, it’s true, you really CAN find love again! This silk blend pencil dress by Emilio De La Morena is the kind of frock I’d have told myself I could never wear a couple of months ago, because where on earth would I hide my tum in that? And that fuschia colour is, well, it’s not for the shy and retiring really, is it? These days though, feeling all smug and skinny (for now!) and ready to start putting myself out there again, this frock feels like just the ticket! It’s slinky and figure hugging, but not in a slutty way, and I’m in love with that seductive neckline. I’m also a huge fan of the clever addition of the oxblood detailing at the waist, which is just that little bit unexpected and different. If only I’d stayed morose for a bit longer, maybe I could have afforded to buy it and wear it for my debut back into the world of singledom…. recommends pairing it with black accessories for ‘the sleekest finish’, but I’d be tempted to go all matchy matchy (I like to match – so sue me) with that oxblood waistband. And wouldn’t you know it…..:

Portofino Sandals
Gianvito Rossi ‘Portofino’ Sandals, £495,

Gianvito Rossi must have read my mind, because these were just what I was picturing! A dress that daring calls for an understated shoe, and these two part sandals are perfect, though the velvet finish makes them special even so. Hmm. I’m gonna need to get my heart broken again at this rate….!



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