Outfit: The Skirt That Keeps On Giving

Stripes 1

Now, I’ve talked about this skirt before. I’ve talked about it A LOT. I own it in both navy and green, and seriously covet the pastel pink and baby blue versions which I play musical shopping baskets with on a regular basis. Yep, this skirt has featured here a hell of a lot, and yet, miraculously, this is the first time I’ve actually featured it as part of an outfit post.

It’s actually a mighty shame I don’t get to wear it or it’s green counterpart more frequently, because let me tell you, this skirt is freaking awesome and really deserves to get out more. There isn’t much I can say about it that I haven’t said before about this particular style of skirt – it’s the perfect length, perfect shape, has the perfect amount of volume, blah blah blah –  other than that, like the other pieces I’ve bought from Chicwish, it looks far more expensive than it’s price denotes, which is always a bonus, let’s face it. Also, stripes, soooo….. Unfortunately the shiny finish of the fabric makes it a little dressy, so it tends to get saved for ‘special occasions’ which are largely lacking in my life these days, so when a Summer ball came up at work I jumped at the chance to give it an airing. My only issue was deciding which of the two to showcase, but planning outfits from the feet up as I do, I’d decided I really wanted to wear my Carvela Gin peep toes (which, coincidentally, also don’t get worn nearly as much as they should), so the blue won!

I decided to pair this with a simple bardot top, a style which I think lends itself perfectly to a nipped in waist and voluminous skirt. Now, if you’re a follower of fashion ‘rules’ you’ll know that apparently you can’t wear navy and black together. Luckily, I’m not, so SCREW YOU FASHION RULES, I did it anyway! Partly because I’m a crazy rebel like that, but also partly because I didn’t have a navy top…. Anyway, with the addition of the black bow on the shoes and the black bow belt I feel like it works and was pretty happy with the overall look.

The skirt isn’t the only part of this ensemble I own in several versions. These Carvela Gin shoes are one of 3 different colourways I own – you’ve seen the pink and taupe versions here and here – yet the blue were my first and favourite. I’m not a big believer is love at first sight in real life, but with shoes it’s entirely possible, and as soon as I clapped eyes on these beauties a couple of years ago I knew I had to make them mine and was lucky enough to receive them that Christmas. I’m not a huge fan of satin uppers normally, but the bright cobalt blue of these is just dazzling, and really makes the sweet, sparkly, beaded bow stand out. I wear them less nowadays due to the fairly large platform, preferring a more conservative height most of the time, but I don’t think I could ever part with them and they still make me feel as special as they day I got them.

Stripes 2Stripes 3Stripes 5Stripes 8Stripes 4Stripes 6Stripes 7

Blimey, both a skirt and a pair of shoes that make me feel amazing? No wonder I went out and bought them both in every colour possible! It’s just common sense!



In This Post: Navy Stripe Skirt, Chicwish – Black Bardot Top, H&M – Black Bow Belt c/o Amazon – Carvela ‘Gin’ Peep Toes (Similar)

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2 thoughts on “Outfit: The Skirt That Keeps On Giving

  1. Woo you look so glam! Love that you found a blue bike to post next to as well, how very fashun blogger of you (in a totally good way!)
    I have a big yellow and white stripe skirt like this, I call it my happy skirt as it really does make me smile 🙂


    1. Aw thanks! It was a complete fluke with the bike – it was right outside my sister’s flat and I swear I’ve never seen it before! A big skirt never fails to make me smile!


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