Outfit: Top of the Crops


Now, for those of you that don’t know, last week was officially the start of Autumn.

I’m completely in denial of this fact, so I’m going to keep posting sunny, summery outfit pics until the sun becomes real again. Well, that or until I run out of them, whichever comes first (we all know which one will come first).

This particular outfit couldn’t really get much more summery, could it? It also couldn’t get much more ‘cutsey’ either, which isn’t a look I go for all that often. Girly, I like. I’m all over skirts and dresses and heels like a dirty rash, but ‘cutsey’ isn’t something I ever really identified with as a look. I just wouldn’t have pictured myself in bubblegum pink gingham, with flats and a bouncy ponytail. Another thing I’ve never really identified with – or at least since my 14 year old All Saints fan days – is crop tops. Never in a million years did I think I would be gracing this blog in a crop top, but look! There it is, a slice of visible flesh between my skirt and my top! In fairness, it’s a high waisted skirt, so I’m not exactly flashing my belly, but still….

This is most definitely not an outfit I’m likely to have worn this time last year, or even a few months ago in fact, but I kept seeing it on bloggers everywhere, looking all adorable frolicking in meadows or twirling underneath perfectly matched cherry blossom trees, and I just couldn’t help thinking ‘Hey, I could wear that…!’. This isn’t something I do often either. I’ve got several Pinterest boards full of outfit inspiration pins, but more often than not, I find myself chickening out because I don’t think I’m ‘cool’ enough to pull them off. Such was the case with this one, I even said as much when I featured it in my April wish list, but on probably my 28th ‘visit’ at Chichwish I caved and bought it. Well, I was going through a pink phase, so why not? YOLO and all that.

Anyway, now that I’ve actually worn the ensemble I’ll own up and admit that I kind of liked being ‘cutsey’, and I’m definitely keeping it. I even couldn’t resist taking the most kitsch, camp set of photos I think I’ve produced yet! Next time I might even wear it in public, as I didn’t make it much further than a quick dog walk and the corner shop for an ice cream on this particular lazy Sunday. My only slight criticism – and it’s a very small criticism – is that the skirt comes with a net petticoat sewed in, which is great for the ‘pouff’ factor, but makes ironing a bit of a pain! It doesn’t take much to make me dislike ironing more than I already do, so I wouldn’t take that as too much of a negative. I’m also feeling ready and willing to start rocking a crop top a little more often since it didn’t look as dreadful as I’d feared. Trust me to decide this just as the temperatures start getting ready to plummet. Oh well. There is always next year. And in the meantime, this being the one article of clothing I don’t own in about 600 variations, I’ve got the perfect excuse to do a bit more shopping!




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