Fantasy Friday – Ralph & Russo Eden Heel Pumps

Ralph & Russo Eden Heel Pump, £1300

Wowzers. Now that’s a shoe!

I’ve got Pinterest to thank for introducing me to this one! I’d seen these shoes pinned a few times, and when you spot a showstopper like that you simply have to click through and find out a bit more about them! I wasn’t expecting to find a bonafide shoe that you could actually buy – they have a fairytale quality to them that made me think they must surely be a costume for a film set perhaps, or something crated as a one off, like those Cinderella slippers Louboutin brought out a few years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was in fact, a current and purchasable item, and also that it came from a British label Ralph & Russo, which I ashamedly knew very little about until now. I was much less enthralled by the £1300 price tag that came with them, but you can’t have it all now, can you?

The shoes themselves aren’t anything I haven’t swooned over before – a perfectly attractive Italian leather pump with a 12cm heel and a pointed, but not severe, toe. Lovely, actually, just not crazily exciting. That is of course until you get a proper look at that heel. Ralph & Russo seem to be all about that ‘party in the back’ philosophy – one I can really get on board with, because it means you can wear real statement shoes without struggling too much to find a frock you can wear them with. This particular style boasts a stunning filigree vine creeping up and around the back of the shoe, which is just beautiful. It brings to mind enchanted forests and fairies and princesses trapped in towers and all those other things you aren’t meant to like as a modern day woman – but I’ve never been ashamed to admit a love of all things fantasy so no problems there for me! The Eden Heel comes in a range of different colourways and uppers, but it’s this pretty lavender colour that caught my eye first, thanks to the rose gold details, which is a metallic I don’t have a lot of but have been increasingly enamoured with lately.

A quick flick around their website showed the fairytale effect doesn’t end with their shoes – all of which are equally and delightfully laden with embellishments (just the way I like them!). The videos of their A/W 16 runway shows feature endless examples of mystical, whimsical woodland themes, with fluttering butterflies, floaty tulle and stunning handpainted floral prints. Absolutely breathtaking, I’m literally stunned this label wasn’t already firmly embedded on my fantasy wish list! I suspect you will be seeing more about them on here in the coming months, especially if these boots are anything to go by…:


I mean, with boots this pretty, Summer can get lost! Bring on the gloom!



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