August Lust Haves

It’s been a tough couple of months, and I’m not quite back on form just yet, but as I alluded to last week, I have at least started to want to buy things again, so the only way is up from here, surely? So without further ado, here are the things that finally managed to pull me out of a shopping-less slump (which is a truly, truly sad place to be. Pity me, friends)…

One of the first places I headed when the urge to browse suddenly struck me one sunny morning, as I refused to leave my pit of despair and get dressed, was Collectif. I thought, if anything is going to tempt me to get up and put on clothes, and, God forbid, go outside to soak up the dregs of the Summer weather, it would be a Collectif dress. And wouldn’t you know it? They came up with the goods:

Collectif Cinthia Dress
Collectif ‘Cinthia’ Pencil Dress, £45.50

This little number is Cinthia. She also comes in a full skirted version called Saria, which is also rather lovely, but it was the sleek pencil dress that caught my attention. Probably because I’m still feeling smug and skinny after losing a stone (it won’t last, just let me have that for now!). I love the oriental blossom print which is almost identical to one of my favourite Zara pencil dresses (note to self: must wear that dress before it gets too cold) except with a dark background instead of white, which makes it more likely to be worn throughout the colder months, unlike the Zara version. Sorry Zara!

Speaking of Winter florals, I also mentioned last week that Oasis had managed, once again, to get me all hot under the collar with their Autumn/Winter collection. Oasis has got to be one of the only Brands I know that manages to keep florals in it’s collections all year round, and just when I though they couldn’t possibly bring out any more floral tea dresses that I would want more than life itself, they go and pop this on the New In page….:

Oasis Vermont Dress
Oasis Vermont Ruffle Dress, £50

Yet again they have managed to produce something completely different to previous years, this time with a kind of Gypsy feel to it (think Romani Gypsy, not Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!). I love the pretty ruffles and folky print, which also reminds me of the canal boats we see everywhere here in Brum, and I can definitely see this working with my standard Autumn/Winter combo of big cardi, thick tights and ankle boots. Not many things make me feel ready to crack out the tights, let me tell you.

That’s not all that caught my eye in Oasis. I’m also very taken with this sweet button through midi:

Oasis Bouquet Skirt
Oasis Bouquet Skirt, £38

This is a classic ‘Steph’ skirt, and pretty much the kind of thing I’ve worn to death on those rare sunny days this year, so it would be sure to get the odd outing before the clocks change, but again, the darker hues of this skirt also make it a year round contender, and I can completely see me pairing it with my beloved Dune Stretchy boots, which I’m suddenly crazily excited about seeing again. Gosh, anyone would think I’m looking forward to Winter! I’m not, and if anyone mentions I said that I’ll completely deny it.

Jumping back to Summer styles then before you think I’ve had a complete personality transplant, and this rather gorgeous white lace number from H&M:

H&M Lace Dress
H&M White Lace Dress, £49.99

H&M is one of those stores that I tend to class as ‘cheap and cheerful’, meaning I tend to use it for basics and maybe the odd frivolous buy when I want to cheer myself up but don’t want to spend much. And it does a marvellous job in those fields, I must add, it’s a store that will always remain on my frequently browsed list. Every now and then though, they bring out a piece that just looks and feels a cut above the rest. Last time it was my beloved brocade prom dress, which I own in black, green and purple and will lust after in red forever more. Before that it was my collection of thick cotton midi skirts which I seem to have managed not to blog about yet (note to self #2: this must be rectified). This time it’s this dress, which is reminiscent of those Self Portrait shift dresses that are gracing celebs on red carpets everywhere. It basically just looks more expensive than the rest of H&Ms usual offerings, and in fairness it is at £50, but still not exactly breaking the bank.

Last item then, and slightly closer to bank breaking capacity, and these rather stunning two part sandals from Dune:

Dune Malla Shoes
Dune ‘Malla’ Sandals, ASOS, £70

I’ve been feeling a little like maybe I should have a bit of a splurge and buy something unnecessary just to make me feel pretty, and these are currently top of the list. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for metallic brocade, which has a kind of regal quality to me, and teal and purple has always been a favourite colour combo of mine, but the addition of silver is a little more unexpected, and probably makes them easier to match than they might otherwise have been. They are 100% party shoes, and have actually started to get me thinking about Christmas in a positive way, which is a bonus, because up until now the thought of Christmas has been filling me with dread!

So on that high note I’ll leave it there! Baby steps!



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