Reasons to be Cheerful – Party Time!


Sheesh. 12 days in and December has nearly broken me already! In a totally good way. For all my fears of the party season giving me the blues so far it’s gotten off to a cracking start! As my lack of posting this week would suggest, it’s been a bit of a blur thanks to a weekend in the middle of nowhere, a lack of wifi, and a couple of back to back parties. I actually genuinely just had to stop and work out how many weekends there have been so far this month, so the details will have to wait for a later post – I blame all that Prosecco. But for now the important thing is this:

I haven’t felt melancholy, or blue, or like the lonely drunk in the corner observing everyone else have fun (oh, I was drunk. At times I was reeeeeally drunk. But I wasn’t lonely, so that’s ok!). I’ve actually had a great time. There was a hairy moment when I thought I might not make it through another three course dinner, but I rallied! The next round kicks off tomorrow with the Office do and a catch with friends on Wednesday, so I may well be feeling a little worse for wear later on this week, but I will catch up on posting so I can tell you all about it!

In the meantime, cheers everyone! Hope you’re enjoying festivities as much as me – see you on the other side!



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