Fantasy Friday – Coast Makena Dress

Tis the season to fall in love with completely frivolous dresses, and this season I’ve fallen in love with this one:

Coast Makena Dress, £169

At £169 it’s not the most ridiculously overpriced frock I’ve ever fallen for. We all remember the Dolce & Gabbana Tulip Dress! But when you consider how festive this frock is, lets face it, it would blatantly only get worn to a Christmas party then hang forlornly in the back of my wardrobe forevermore. Which is daft, because I have had a record amount of Christmas outings to attend this year, but come on, you can’t wear the same dress to more than one party, right? Even if none of the same people are going. It’s just a thing, ok….?! Anyway, for that fact and that fact alone, this beautiful striped prom dress from Coast will never be mine.

Happily though, this skirt exists! It’s startlingly similar, so much so that for a change I’m not actually weeping about the fact I can’t buy this dress, because I bought this skirt instead, and it is almost, almost, just as good. I’m certain in real life the dress looks better, and knowing Coast it will be made of a far superior, sumptuous fabric, but underneath the disco lights who can tell really? It’s already been worn out to an xmas do, and I got so many compliments I actually think it might get worn more than just once per year.

Which has now got me thinking that maybe I could have invested in the dress after all.

Darn it.



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