Saturday Shopping – Festive Frocks

Luckily, I’m writing this after having already attended all of my Christmas parties, or those that require dressing up for anyway, so it’s not been as hard as it could have been to resist buying yet another party frock that I’ll only wear once while researching. That said, there are a few of these beauties I wouldn’t say no to!

We all know I love to get all dressed up. I’d get all dressed up to pop to the corner shop if I could. In fact, sometimes I’ve been known to! But if there is one time of year I can really unleash my inner glamour it’s Christmas. There are a bevvy of gorgeous, glitzy gowns around from October onwards, and at times picking out a party dress can be a tricky task, but for me this time of year means one colour scheme in particular – red, green and gold. All with a generous helping of sparkle of course! Yep, I’m not afraid to go out dressed like a Christmas tree! You’ll soon be seeing some outfit shots that prove all of my Christmas party outfits followed a variation of this formula this year (and last year for all that matter – see here and here as evidence…)  But I was very good this year and didn’t buy a new frock. If I hadn’t been so restrained though, one of these would definitely have tested my willpower…..

Top Row: Ariella ‘Roseanna’ Dress, £75 – Chi Chi ‘Debs’ Dress, £54.99 – Dorothy Perkins Brocade Dress, £49.50

Second Row: Oasis Gold Sequin Dress, £40.60 – Little Mistress Red Prom Dress, £61.20 – Coast ‘Lori Lee’ Dress, £89

Third Row: Mela Black & Gold Dress, £28 – Missguided Gold Sequin Dress, £25 – Quiz Red Lace Dress, £36.99

Fourth Row: Chi Chi ‘Rosalee’ Dress, £74.99 – Chi Chi ‘Tilda’ Dress, £34.99 – Topshop Green Midi Dress, £55

Bottom Row: Wallis Gold Wrap Dress, £48 – Warehouse Green Jacquard Dress, £65 – Yumi Red & Gold Dress, £45

Now, while you have a peruse of that lovely lot, I’m off to think up an excuse to buy that stunning red Little Mistress dress….!

Any ideas?



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