Outfit: Short & Sequinned

Green Sequins 6.jpg

And now for something completely different…..

For the second of my Christmas parties, I went for a different look altogether. See, while one of my teams is largely made up of ladies a similar age to me, my second team is pretty much a bevvy of gorgeous 20-somethings. Not that my other ladies aren’t also gorgeous, you understand, but you get my drift. I was feeling a little bit nervous about getting my gladrags on and having to stand in their vicinity all night, so I decided I needed to raise my A-game and wear something that said ‘Party’ rather than, ‘Nice dinner over at The Drapers’ like I normally do!

So I ended up in this. Mainly because it was green and twinkly, which nicely fits my ‘Christmas Party Outfit’ criteria. As you can see, it is far shorter than I would normally wear, without tights anyway, but when in Rome and all of that! Plus, it seems a shame to own a dress that quite so closely resembles a Christmas Tree and not wear it to a Christmas Party really, doesn’t it? I’m not really


I’m still not 100% sure it’s quite me, so whether or not it will get another outing this year is yet to be seen!



In this post: Green sequin dress, Oasis (Similar) – Clutch, Primark (Similar) – Studded ‘Isadora’ heels, Kurt Geiger (Similar)

4 thoughts on “Outfit: Short & Sequinned

  1. Your hair looks fab here, I’m so rubbish with hair. How did you do this please? Was it a big barrel tong thing or rollers? My fringe is all growing out side swept now so I could totally do this. It wouldn’t look as good mind you, you looked fab!


    1. Aw thanks! Just with my straighteners! I have long slim ones like GHDs, I just twist the hair around at the top, then pull down the length of the hair, then once finished and cooled down, brush through them to get that wavy look. Admittedly though, no matter how much product I try to use they tend to drop within about an hour of me leaving the house so they don’t tend to look that great the whole night! My hair just doesn’t like to stay put! x


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