Outfit: A New Kind of New Years Eve


I’ve never been a huge fan of New Years Eve.

Back when I managed pubs this always worked in my favour. While everyone else was clamouring to get the night off so they could revel with friends, I looked forward to having a good excuse not to party. I had no desire to be out there, rubbing shoulders with loud, lairy people who don’t understand how bars work and think they’re the only ones who need a drink in time for midnight. It wasn’t that much fun being the other side of the bar either of course, I still had to rub shoulders with those people, but at least I was getting paid to do it….

Fast forward a few years and I found myself without that excuse after leaving the pubs. I spent a few years giving the whole ‘big night out on the town’ thing a go, thinking maybe I’d been missing out on something all these years? But no. New Years Eve really was just like every other night of the year, but busier, and more expensive, with more queues and overly emotional drunk people. I really hated the pressure to have a good time too – like you had to have THE BEST NIGHT EVERRRRRR or else the year was ruined forevermore and you’d never be happy again. No, not for me thanks. Thankfully a lot of my friends are also of the same persuasion, so there is usually a house party or a quiet gathering in a local pub on the cards. Last year I went as far as to spend it in bed, swigging Prosecco from a cup and watching Big Fat Quiz of the Year!

This year I had the pleasure of a lovely evening with friends, starting in a country pub and later staying in with a delicious curry and lots and lots of gin. As much as I love getting my gladrags on, this was one occasion where I was glad to just be throwing on a snuggly jumper (this one, that I was lusting after in November, and that I can happily confirm really is the snuggliest of snuggly jumpers!) and jeans. I felt like I needed a touch of sparkle, it’s a celebration after all, so I added one of my vintage brooches to my hat – something I expect you’ll be seeing much more of soon as I’ve realised I almost never wear them.


So there you have it. A night of the year where I’ll happily admit to wanting to wear a jumper rather than a dress and heels, who’d have thought it?? Don’t get used to it, I’ve bought  A LOT of pairs of glitter heels since then, so they’ll be back soon enough!



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