Saturday Shopping – Floral Embroidery

So, as I established at the start of the week, Spring seems to finally be on the way. The days are getting longer, the temperature is warming up (well, on the odd occasion anyway. Half the time it’s still snowing….) and the doom and gloom of Winter at last seems to be on it’s way out! In the fashion world, this can only mean one thing, and that is, of course, that every shop of the high street will be loyally trotting out the expected range of floral designs.

This year those florals all seem to be following a very specific trend. Last Spring we saw a re-emergence of embroidery and this year they really seem to have taken hold, with all the signs pointing to the notion that they’ll be the look to bee seen in this Summer (Look at me! I know something fashiony!) (Not really – I read that in Marie Claire….) Personally, I’m a fan. I love to wear pretty petal prints all year round, the more intricate the better, so this trend really appeals to my girly side. The better pieces also have a nice Vintage feel, which is never a bad thing for me! This time around literally every item you can think of has had an embroidered makeover – from the standard skirts and dresses to more innovative shoes and handbags, with even a few stores branching out into adventurous leather and denim creations – and I’m struggling to resist filling my wardrobe in folky, flowery pieces. A bright, bold design against a black background, reminiscent of Gypsy caravans and canal boats, has to be my favourite style though, just like this lovely lot…:

Top Row L-R: ‘Ava’ Clutch, £16, Boohoo – ‘Birdy’ Shoes, £57, Dune – Biker Jacket, £39.99, H&M – Embroidered Heels, £27.99, New Look

Second Row L-R: Embroidered Boots, £34.99, New Look – Tote Bag, £27.99, New Look – Floral Jumper, £45, Oasis – Shift Dress, £55, Oasis

Third Row L-R: Midi Skirt, £48, Rare – Pencil Dress, £75, River Island – Midi Dress, £49, Topshop – Mini Skirt, £36, Topshop

Bottom Row L-R: ‘Jamie’ Jeans, £59, Topshop – Folk Dress, £59, Zara – Mini Skirt, £29, Zara – Shift Dress, £65, Lipsy

Whether or not it’s a flash in the pan or a trend thats set to last for years to come remains to be seen, though I suspect blossom covered jeans and leather jackets are likely to age pretty quickly. Some of those sweet skirts and dresses though are pretty enough to keep me interested till I’m old and grey though, so I’d be surprised if I don’t purchase at least one embroidered beauty by the end of the year! And those Dune shoes…. well, I just can’t imagine ever believing them anything less than gorgeous!

How about you?



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