The Dilemma….

So, last year I wrote this post about how handy it is to have a blog when it comes to Christmas and your Birthday. This year has been no different – I’ve managed to score no end of beautiful big skirts and delicious gin from my nearest and dearest thanks to waxing lyrical about them on this very blog. See, I hate it when people demand I tell them what to buy me as a gift – it completely takes the fun out of it if you know what you’re getting. I much prefer to open a surprise on the big day, and I completely unwittingly discovered that by publishing wish list on t’Internet for all and sundry to see, your chances of receiving said items without asking for them or knowing you’ll receive them suddenly increases tenfold. It’s like magic!

That has all turned on it’s head though, and unexpectedly become more of a curse than a blessing of a sudden….

This year, as I settled in to a delicious curry and a few beers with my family, my sisters handed me an envelope in which I fully expected to simply receive a card, only to find this:


Oh. Em. Gee.

Obviously, my first thoughts were OH HELLS YEAH!!! A new pair of On To Points! Best Birthday Everrrrrrrr!!!


I can totes get some like those those khaki ones that were on my wish list last month now.


Or maybe one of those pastel pairs I wrote about last week.


But then I have wanted the rose gold glitter ones for a few months now….


Oh FFS. There are so many. WHY IS LIFE SO HARD???

Seriously, the more the evening wore on, the more confused I got about which ones I wanted. And I haven’t thought of much else since. (That is only a slight exaggeration by the way. It hasn’t been the most thrilling week so far….)

A problem shared is a problem halved tough, or so they say, so I thought I’d inflict the problem on you lot and ask for some help deciding!

The Contenders

First we have the khaki green suede version:

Khaki Suede, £68

Obviously I only mentioned recently that I don’t own any khaki green shoes, and it is such a good neutral so will be a colour I find easy to style with my wardrobe. These aren’t quite the same as those that I featured last month as they don’t have the gold heel, but still, the On To Point is such a perfect shape, it doesn’t really need a feature to stand out. On the other hand though, my experience so far has taught me that these are a little too high for me to wear comfortably for work, so will be worn mainly for social occasions. In which case, do they need to be neutral or should I splash out and go for something a little more fun??

Next, this rather adorable pastel lilac hue:

Lilac Patent, £68

In case you didn’t know, I’ve always loved the colour purple, and I’m becoming increasingly enamoured with pastel shades, so this sweet, sugary colour is right up my street. The added bonus is that these are patent, so won’t get spoiled in the great British weather unlike lots of my other poorly judged pastel purchases. I do already have some pointy lilac shoes in the form of Carvela’s ‘Anna’ pumps, but they’re much lower heeled and more suitable for daytimes. These though, I can completely see myself wearing with quite a few of my Summery Lindy Bop frocks!

Now for something a little different:

Coral Patent, £68

These coral pumps are something new altogether for me! I currently have two pairs of coral shoes – some low heeled suede pumps from Oasis that are far brighter in colour than these, and some old Primark platformed pumps which I’m planning on getting rid of once I get my stuff out of storage. So there is currently a coral coloured shoe shaped gap conveniently opening up in my collection right now. Which is lucky! These weren’t originally on the list – I was sure it was between the khaki and the lilac, but as time has passed I’ve found myself considering them more and more thanks to their warm, summery tone, and can’t seem to stop picturing outfits involving flowing white fabric and lots of gold jewellery! I am, though, partly concerned that I just want both them and the lilac, along with baby blue and mint green, purely because they would just look so darn cute lined up together on a shelf. Please tell me that’s not just me…..

Finally we have the wildcard:

Rose Gold Giltter, £68

Ah yes, the elusive rose gold glitter. I was convinced these would be mine by now because I thought for sure they’d have gone straight into the sale after Christmas, but no. Those evil b****** at Office HQ are insisting on keeping them full price just to taunt me. This should, of course, be the perfect opportunity to get them, but due to the fact I bought three glittery pairs during the festive season, posted another new pair on Instagram just this week and have yet another pair winging their way to me from eBay as we speak, I’m a little worried another pair of glittery shoes might be just a step too far?

Who am I kidding, you can never have too many pairs of glittery shoes. NEVER,OK?

This still doesn’t help me make my choice though, because I’m seriously torn. And I can’t just ask for one of them and buy the rest myself….

…can I?




3 thoughts on “The Dilemma….

    1. Yes, I am leaning towards the khaki I have to say. Still, every time I think I’ve made my mind up a moments doubt creeps in and I find myself going over the options again! #indecisive!! x


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