Unexpected Perks of Writing a Blog

People start blogs for many different reasons. Some people use see it as an outlet for their creativity or a way of expressing themselves. For some it’s a way of talking to like-minded people, and some lucky so and so’s manage to turn it into a job (I say lucky – it’s only because I’m jealous, it’s not luck, it’s bloody hard work, I’m sure!). For me it was a way of getting back to a passion I’ve harboured for many years but neglected more recently – writing. It also gives me a chance to talk about the things I love most (yeah, sorry ’bout that – just shoes, dresses and my dog, mostly!) which is handy, because most of the ‘real’ people in my life get bored of hearing about it after a while (you probably do too, but you’re too polite to say, so thanks for that). As I mentioned a couple of posts back, it’s also pretty cool to have a record of your life somewhere that you can go back and look at, even if it confirms that all you really do is dog walk, drink wine and go shopping….

I have discovered, though, a new perk to writing a blog though that I really wasn’t expecting. Remember back in January when I said I hated it when people asked you to tell them what you want as a gift? It’s always just really irritated me – firstly because I like the element of surprise, but also because it feels a bit like someone is expecting you to save them the job of bothering to look for one! Either way, I’ve accidentally found a way around that! Write a blog!

Seriously, since Christmas I’ve been lucky enough to receive so many lovely gifts and it’s all thanks to this very blog! Write about your love of skirts, both big and small, and these beauties suddenly become yours:


Lament about the fact you don’t have a cute Beagle jumper, and guess what you get for your next birthday off your lovely bestie? Yep, you guessed it:

Beagle Jumper

Wax lyrical about the beauty of Lindy Bop’s Audrey dress and lo and behold, would you believe you get not one, not two, but THREE of them in one day!?


The most useful post I ever wrote though has to be this one, where I introduced you to the Ted Baker Nuhad dress, because that post is the very reason I found myself unzipping a garment bag on my Birthday and finding this little beauty waiting for me inside:

NuhadNuhad 2

I alluded to this a couple of weeks ago, and had planned to unveil it in an outfit post, but it’s a little loose under the arms so I’m planning on having it altered, but rest assured I will be wearing it at the first opportunity, because I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever been so excited to own something in my life. I’m a very lucky girl indeed to have this dress – and the person that got it for me – in my life, for sure.

There is one thing common gift theme I keep getting now though that has made me realise I might need to rethink some of my posts a little bit….:


Not that I’m not grateful, but it does make me wonder what people make of my gin-fuelled rants!



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