Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin Vitish Veau Velours Boots

It’s the same every year.

I moan and moan and moan about how much I hate Winter, about how I hate the rain and the cold and the eternal darkness, how everything is grey and insipid and how much I miss wearing shoes and being able to go out without a jacket. I long so much for the Summer months, desperate to feel warm sunshine bathe my skin and smell freshly cut grass on the breeze and sit outside the pub for hours on end, sipping Pimms until the sun goes down. I literally ache for it.

And then the moment the temperature climbs into double figures I start getting sad about packing away my boots! Go figure. Well, since there are probably only a few weeks of boot wearing weather left, we might as well pay one last homage to the humble boot.

I’ll tell you now, though, there ain’t nothin’ humble about these bad boys! We’re going out on a real high!

Vitish Veau Velours Boots, Christian Louboutin, £1045

These, my friends, are not just boots. They are the holy grail of boots. The most simple yet stunning boots you ever did see! 100mm of pure suede perfection! They will set you back a pretty penny mind, but that smooth rounded toe and slender, curvy heel create a shape that will remain a classic for years to come, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth. I’d almost consider giving up Summer altogether if I could wear these every day.

Calm down, I said almost!

I’m not sure I could really give up Summer, but they’d make those dark Winter months a little more bearable, that’s for sure!

Money well spent in my opinion!




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