Saturday Shopping – Beautiful Birds @ Oasis

So yesterday I talked about how inevitable it was that as soon as things started warming up I’d start obsessing over boots. Well, it seems it’s almost as inevitable that every time Oasis bring out a new season I’ll be posting about how much I want all of it!

Oasis have fast become one of my all time High Street brands thanks to their ability to bring out range after range of beautiful prints that just always seem to stand out above the rest somehow. Most of the time I’m talking about their floral prints – which they never seem to run out of new ideas for, even three years into writing this blog I’m yet to deem one of their ranges dull or done before. This year has been no exception, with Winter’s beautiful Enchanted Forest range, featuring fairytale-esque woodland scenes, wild flowers and butterflies, followed this Spring by their stunning Wild at Heart collection depicting bold delphiniums and peonies. And that’s not counting all their other pretty petal prints and the embroidered beauties I featured last week! I still want all of those things of course, but it’s actually another type of print that has caught my eye lately.

Since the Enchanted Forest range landed I’ve noticed an increase in prints with birds incorporated into them, and I for one am head over heels for the look. Not only do they usually feature more of those lovely blossoms and blooms, but they instantly conjure up images of antique bird cages and Victorian aviaries and sprawling country mansions and afternoon tea on the lawn. There is a very ladylike vintage feel to them that fits right in with my personal style, so you can imagine how much I’m yearning to buy this pretty lot….:

Top Row L-R: Amelia Top, £36 Bird Wrap Dress, £40 Neon Pencil Skirt, £48 – Blue Bird Dress, £45

Second Row L-R: Bouquet Blouse, £36 – Country Bird Top, £28 – Crane Blouse, £28 – Forest Dress, £48

Third Row L-R: Hummingbird Scarf, £16 – Hummingbird Top, £20 – Hummingbird Trousers, £38 – Lotus Dress, £48

Bottom Row: L-R: Lotus Bird Top, £35 – Neon Dress, £75Rosie Shirt, £38 – Lotus Sweater, £38

As is often the case, Oasis have repeated a lot of these prints across several pieces or in different colourways, which is great for those like me who like to buy every single one and wear versions of the same thing every day mix and match! Pretty much all of these have my heart all a-flutter (geddit?) but I’d particularly love to own both the Neon dress and the trousers, though I don’t own anything quite like that flute sleeved Lotus sweater, so maybe that could help me in my quest to start making my casual outfits more interesting? Only one way to find out…!

As an added bonus, they are currently offering 20% off the Enchanted Forest range, but hurry, it’s not for long!



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