Pssst…! Sale Tips – VIP Week @ Dorothy Perkins

Good old Dotty P’s. Not often a store I think of as one of the most exciting in the world. It’s the kind of place I shop for basics or work wear usually. A good old reliable. Still, it’s earnt it’s place in my list of ‘worth a visit’ places when I’m on the lookout for something new, and for good reason. Firstly, it’s very affordable, and stocks things that are, let’s say, realistic to a person like me who is in no way a stick thin 22 year old who can pull off anything – the hemlines are sensible, the fabric is normally of good quality and not likely to cling on any surplus lumps and bumps, and it isn’t the kind of shopping environment that makes you feel too old and uncool to shop there (i.e it isn’t oppressively hot, full of super trendy styles not many people can actually wear and with music so loud and up tempo you wonder if you accidentally wandered into a club – yes Topshop, I’m looking at you!). Secondly, there are a few pieces that I’ve bought over the years that are so loved I’d happily, and often do, buy a new one every time it’s released in another colour. I own their Eden jeggings in 4 colours and will continue to buy them till they no longer exist. They have an incredible ability to create the perfect, floaty, work blouse – I have 3 in white, mint and nude and wish to god I could fit some more on my clothes rail – and they also seem to have the same knack for creating cami top that fit just right. In short, while they probably wouldn’t be the first place I’d think of if I was in the market for a new party frock (which may actually be a mistake since online you can now get Paper Dolls, Chi Chi and plenty of their own gorgeous prom style dresses) it will definitely remain a firm favourite that I’d miss terribly if it disappeared (which it actually has in Birmingham City Centre, with only concessions in department stores left – please come back Dotty P!)

My all time favourite thing about Dorothy Perkins though? They must be one of the most generous Brands out there when it comes to promotions, with VIP and Fashion Week discounts offered regularly throughout the year! This week was one such week, with 25% off everything – YES EVERYTHING – for the whole week, and I’m mightily irritated with myself for not noticing sooner as it ends tonight! Perfect jeggings and prom dresses aside I’ve been mostly drooling over their oodles of pink and coral offerings thanks to the feel of Spring in the air, but there is plenty to choose from so head over QUICKLY if you want to take advantage!

Top Row L-R: Coral Bardot Top, £9, Billie & Blossom Spot Dress, £24, Billie & Blossom Floral Dress, £26.25, Camisole, £10.50, Cardigan, £12

Second Row L-R: Clutch Bag, £10.50, Bag, £18.75, Paper Dolls Dress, £37.50, Prom Dress, £33.75, Glitter Shoes, £36

Third Row L-R: Waterfall Jacket, £22.50, Lace Bardot Top, £12, Lace Top, £16.50, Blush Mac, £36.75Blush Trousers, £16.50

Bottom Row L-R: Floral Prom Dress, £33.75, Gold Sandals, £18.75, Blush Skirt, £18.75, Floral Trousers, £16.50, Vest, £10.50

Please don’t buy all the Eden’s though – I need those bad boys in my life!




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