March Round Up

Oh March, you really did brighten things up a little, didn’t you?

Last month I mainly spoke about the weird and equally rubbish weather, and of course we’ve had some of the same this month, it is England after all. But while it hasn’t exactly hit tropical temperatures (yeah, so much for all that Caribbean air, huh?) we have had oodles and oodles of crisp bright mornings and long sunny evenings that really do make all the difference to my mood. Everything just looks so pretty right now with all the blossoms and flowers and the greenery back on the trees, and I’ve been making the most of it with plenty of lovely long walks with the dog after work – a luxury I really miss in the darker months. I really can’t wait for Summer to come with all the fun trips and events we have planned in, and feels just that little way around the corner now, like there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is British Wintertime.

The month was bookended very nicely with a payday each end – I get paid 4 weekly and we always have a more than welcome month at the start of the year like this. Payday also means our Company’s social night where we get together and forget about work for the night and kick back and relax with friends and a few perks of working in the hospitality industry (e.g free/cheap food and drink!!) Both times I had the best intentions to be good and go home at a sensible time due to having to be in work the next day, but both times I failed miserably and had to get through the day feeling a tad fragile, but you know what? It’s not like I get out much these days, so no harm done (it’s easy to say that now of course, at the time my main thoughts were WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?? WHY??? and WILL THIS DAY NEVER END GODDAMIT????)

I also found a new found love for pub quizzes! I’ve always been a fan of a good old quiz, but our local has started doing one of these new fangled things on an iPhone and we’ve been a couple of times now. It’s the perfect kind of quiz with a good mix of picture, music and general knowledge rounds, but the added fun is that there are bonus points for the fastest team to answer, and extra danger involved when points start getting deducted when you get it wrong! Both times now I’ve managed to make some fatal errors getting over excited and pressing the wrong thing, so I might actually find I’ve been banned from joining in with my friends, but I hope not, because it’s fast becoming my favourite mid week activity!

The best part of the month though was a lovely trip I took with the boy in the middle. Knowing how much I love musicals he got me tickets to see Avenue Q for Christmas, and we made a couple of days of it, staying at one of our favourite lodges in Aston Clinton. The lodge is above one of our pubs, which I always love – there is nothing better after over consuming great grub and wine than knowing you only have to hobble upstairs to collapse into a food coma! It’s a beautiful and cosy rustic building which looked so pretty with all the daffodils out in force, and I had the most wonderful, relaxing couple of days. It helped that we were looked after like royalty of course, and that there seemed to be a never ending supply of food. Seriously, I ate SO. MUCH. FOOD! I’m not even sure how I fit in the car to come back home!

The show was fantastic – I’ve seen it before but it’s one of my favourites so I never get bored. I’d thoroughly recommend it as a fun night out, provided you’re open minded and have a bit of a childish sense of humour like me! The funniest part though was actually the group of pensioners sat behind us that didn’t seem to have heard of the show before turning up! I was a little surprised to see them as we took our seats, but they seemed to be regular theatre goers so assumed they must have known what they were getting themselves into. I mean, everyone does a little reading up before buying tickets, right? Well, no. Not everyone it turns out. Not these guys, who I think were a little surprised at some of the ‘uncouth’ content! I had to stifle giggles when the cast sang The Internet is for Porn, and the old gent in the group kept asking his companion, ‘What’s that they’re saying???’ Cringe! To be fair to them, they stuck it out to the end, but I’m not sure it was the afternoon of culture they were expecting! Let that be a lesson to you folks, always do your research!

All in all it’s been a great month and right now it feels like things can only get better! Hope March was kind to you! Here’s to an even sunnier, happier April!



One thought on “March Round Up

  1. I almost prefer this time of year to summer because everything does look so pretty. Once the flowers die off, the blossom starts to fall etc and everything looks dry and parched it’s always a bit sad. Spring is such a joyful time isn’t it, I just love it as I can tell you do too 🙂

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