Outfit: Going Gothic

Roses 2

First up, apologies again for yet more dark, blurry indoor photos! As much as the sun has been shining brightly lately, the vast majority of the time I wear something I feel is worth blogging about it’s at night! It’s also a downside of cosy, country pubs I suppose not an awful lot of natural light! So I wasn’t going to post these pics, but then flicking back through them I remembered how enamoured I am with this dress, so I thought what the hell, you’ve seen worse, after all!

This dress is a little bit of a departure from my usual style. Not dramatically – to the average person it is basically a floral frock with tights and boots, which is hardly a rarity in my wardrobe – but there are subtle differences that set it apart a little. When it comes to Winter frocks I tend to go for a classic 40’s tea dress style, albeit with a slightly shorter hemline and modern shape. This one, though, has much more of a vintage vibe. The high neckline and fluted sleeves give it a real 60’s look, as does that chintzy print, which if we’re all honest, looks a bit like the old 70’s curtains my parents used to have in their bedroom. Luckily I like myself a bit of retro chintz! There is also something a bit gothic about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m not sure if it’s the almost medieval looking roses and thorns, or the fact I can’t help but wear it with vampy, dark red lips, but I kinda feel like a modern day Catherine Morland, sneaking around Northanger Abbey and letting her imagination run wild.

Well, sneaking around Hemel Hempstead actually, where we spent that lovely weekend away, but still, keen on adventures and mystery, all the same!

Roses 1Roses 6Roses 4Roses 5Roses 3Roses 9Roses 8Roses 10Roses 11Roses 7



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