Saturday Shopping: Full Skirts @ H&M

H&M has always been one of my old faithfuls. It’s fun, it’s cheap – it’s basically the ideal place to stock up on basics or the odd treat. There is one thing in particular though that they have excelled at over the last few years, and that is producing beautiful full skirts in luxurious heavy fabrics that look far more expensive than they are! I am lucky enough to own several already (last seen here, here and here) thanks to their versatility – they make a perfect smart work skirt, but can look equally glamorous when dressed up in the evening with a killer pair of heels. So I have no real need for anymore, but this year they’ve gone and brought out yet another few to keep me on my toes. Thanks a lot, H&M!!

First up, this rather sunny beauty:

Yellow Skirt
Yellow Jacquard Skirt, H&M £34.99

Yellow isn’t a colour I own a lot of, yet it’s one that never fails to illicit a smile in me thanks to it’s warm, sunny tones. It’s a perfect colour to sport in Spring and Summer, as is the cutesy floral print that reminds me of buttercup fields! This one is made of a gorgeous, heavy jacquard fabric which will give those big pleats all the pouffiness (yes, pouffiness, I told you I was making that a real word) they need without the addition of a petticoat (though hell, the bigger the better in my opinion, so don’t let that stop you giving one a go!). It also has pockets, which for some reason make it rank above all other skirts for me, even though I’m not sure I ever actually put anything in my skirt pockets…

If full on yellow is a bit much for your tastes, how about this one?

Rose Skirt
Floral Midi Skirt, H&M, £49.99

This rather lovely piece features a gorgeous yellow tea rose in it’s print, which paired with a mint green background has much more subtle, pastel tones. This one is made of a silky, scuba-like fabric which I’m a huge fan of as it hardly ever creases (oh the struggles of being a person that insists on squeezing her huge skirts into tiny office chairs on a regular basis…). Unlike the first one it has a more vintage style calf length hem, so while it doesn’t have quite the same ‘pouffy’ properties, that heavy fabric does keep the shape nice and full, avoiding the frumpiness that can come from this shape on some. On a side note, yellow tea roses apparently symbolise cheer, renewal and hope, which makes the print mightily appropriate for the coming of Spring, don’t you think? And no, I have no idea why I know that either…!

Changing it up to something altogether more sultry then, and this:

Blue Skirt
Navy Skirt, H&M, £34.99

This knee length bell-shaped skirt is a style H&M have re-released several times over the last few years, and it’s no wonder – it’s incredibly flattering, and the structured, tailored appearance give it a more ‘grown up’ feel, and when it comes in a luxurious metallic fabric like this that makes it perfect occasion wear. Luckily I already own one very similar to this, last seen here, so at least there is one of these I won’t struggle not to buy!

The same can’t be said for this one though:

Pink Skirt
Pink Satin Skirt, H&M, £39.99

It has all the benefits of the last one, but that pale pink hue and sheen finish are just a touch more delicate and girly. I fear if I owned it, it would become known as my ‘princess’ skirt, and I’d hate myself for calling it that because grown 30 something women probably shouldn’t really aspire to look like princesses, but I’d carry on calling it that anyway, because I not so secretly do….

Finally, saving the best till last:

Purple Skirt
Tapestry Skirt, H&M, £59.99

So we’ve gone full circle and are back to the pouff with this stunning floral jacquard number. I love everything about this skirt – the shape, the length, the pockets (YAY POCKETS) but most of all, that beautiful tapestry style print and it’s lovely powder pink and blue tones, again with a touch of metallic thread running through. In my household, this kind of fabric is affectionately described as ‘like Grandma’s curtains’ but I for one fail to see why that would be a problem! If your Grandma has curtains this pretty, then power to her, but I’d rather rock them as a skirt, personally!

So, which is your favourite?



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