Outfit: Green Flash

Green Polka Dots 3.jpg

I’ve realised lately that with all this wittering on about breton stripes and florals I’ve been doing, I’ve been neglecting one of my other favourite prints, the good old reliable polka dot! I’m not quite certain how this could be, as I have a plethora of spotty garments, yet I haven’t posted a polka dotted outfit in almost a year, with my last one all the way back here in June last year! Looking back, it seems I tend to reach for them when the sun comes out as pretty much all of my previous examples (also seen here, here and here) have been Summery outfits, which seems daft to me now as a lot of the time I go for monochrome versions which are actually quite easy to style in Winter! No polka dots in almost 12 months is clearly not an acceptable state of play, so thankfully here I am rocking them in a slightly less sunny environment, one that I’ll be sure to try again to avoid this same sorry situation recurring!

This is a skirt that in truth I do wear more often in Summer than Winter, but that is largely down to the fact that bare legs are just not an option in this country for around 9 out of the 12 months. Usually my solution for wearing pencil skirts in the Winter is to wear slim fitting over the knee boots underneath, creating a seamless look, however the hem on this one hits just above the knee, and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman isn’t quite my usual aesthetic… (all though all power to her – she also knew how to rock a polka dot!) Regular readers will also know I have a completely irrational aversion to wearing coloured shoes with black tights, something I’m actively trying to suppress since I think it looks fine on literally everyone else but me, so the obvious choice would have been to go with simple black shoes, but I was yearning a bit of a colour injection that morning, so I threw caution to the wind and decided to go bold! Something deep inside me always wants to pair black and white polka dots with red for some reason – perhaps I have a secret desire to emulate Minnie Mouse – but I frankly couldn’t be bothered with heels (yes, I must have been sick or something) so in the absence of a pair of red flats since my current pair started disintegrating due to frequent outings in the rain, I went with these green Aldo lace up shoes.

To be honest, I still felt a little bit like a cartoon character, but all in all, I was pretty happy with the look. For some reason some sort of ribbon ties or straps make coloured shoes with tights slightly more acceptable in the strange, strange recesses of my brain, so I didn’t feel as self conscious as I thought I would, and it was nice to resurrect an old favourite. In fact, I’ve worn polka dots with black tights twice more since then, so you can look forward to more of the same soon!

Green Polka DotsGreen Polka Dots 5Green Polka Dots 6Green Polka Dots 7Green Polka Dots 4Green Polka Dots 2Green Polka Dots 8IMG_0438

Long live polka dots!



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