Fantasy Friday – Charlotte Olympia ‘Etta’ Shoes

Ladies and Gentlemen (if I have any male readers other than my other half and my Dad, that is….!) may I introduce Etta:

Etta Shoe‘Etta’ Court Shoes, Charlotte Olympia, £525

Me and Etta are soul sisters. If I were a shoe, I think I’d look a little like Etta. Maybe I’d be a bit taller, and possibly a little more colourful, but polka dots AND a bow?? Yep, that’s me in a shoe!

This darling little creation is the brain child of Charlotte Olympia, and I have to say I was surprised when I found that out. See, I’m a fan of Charlotte’s work and love how different and fun her ideas are, but it isn’t often I see a design of hers that I would actually wear in real life. I tend to associate her first and foremost with the iconic ‘Dolly‘ style, along with that signature ‘island’ platform – a look that is far too vertiginous even for me! Secondly, I always expect to see a bit of whimsy in Charlotte’s designs. She is, of course, the lady who brought us the infamous ‘Kitty‘ shoes, openly copied all over the shop still to this day, and who else would think of designing shoes that incorporated an actual model of Carmen Miranda?? Or grinning bananas?? Yes – when I type the website into my browser and click on the ‘New In’ menu, I fully expect to find something that will make me stop in my tracks, and certainly have a little chuckle to myself, but not often something that I will want to own quite badly.

Now these aren’t exactly boring – to many, polka dots and bows are probably the very definition of whimsy. But they are a surprisingly classic and demure style from such a normally wacky designer. I’d prefer a slightly higher heel, of course, but I can over look that since it’s that sweet bow on the toe that will do all the talking. And of course the conservative heel height mean I’d get even more wear out of them! Not that I’d have to worry about that – the vintage style and monochrome colourway would slot easily into my collection, where they’d have plenty of other polka-dotted counterparts to keep them company!

It almost feels cruel not taking them home to join the gang, don’t you think? Like I’m keeping them from their real family?

Am I convincing anyone yet? Because I reeeeeeeally want them…..!



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