Pssst…! Sale Tips – 20% off @ Oasis!

You know how I have this little problem with wanting to own basically everything that Oasis ever produces? Well, they must have noticed that I’ve been avoiding them like the plague, because they’re trying to tempt me back in with a generous discount! This week they sneakily kindly sent me an email letting me know that selected lines now had 20% off! They entitled the email, ‘Spend Hazard’, which was a particularly apt description – the selected lines in question are pretty much the definition of ‘what Steph wears’, in that it’s largely florals, tea dresses and vintage style prints. Remember ‘Amelia Top, and the Hummingbird Trousers, and the ‘Neon’ bird print pencil dress and pencil skirt? They’re all in there. I’ve managed to resist them for three whole months and then this happens. Thanks Oasis. Thanks a lot.

And just to make things even worse, there are loads more things in there that I want too. So much so, that I am right now this second staring at my clothes rail wondering if there is anything I could flog to make room for all the oodles of new frocks I’m now mentally buying. How exactly am I supposed to resist this lovely lot, I ask you??

You can find all these beauties and more here, but herry! They won’t last long! Especially if I get there first!

Race you, last one there’s a rotten egg!



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