Outfit: The Jeggings I Can’t Live Without

Jeggings 4.jpg

I found out something kind of disturbing the recently. My Mum and I wear the same jeggings. The exact same ones. Well, not the same actual pair, ’cause that really would be weird! But the same Brand, style, colour – all identical except for the size.

I dress the same as my Mother. I think we all know the time will come, but I guess I didn’t realise it would come so soon!

I can’t really blame her for adopting my all time favourite jeggings, the ‘Eden’ by Dorothy Perkins, because they really are perfect. They are made of a lovely thick, soft denim, but have just the right amount of stretch. They have back pockets, which is an essential for me, and a lovely wide, mid rise waistband that doesn’t gape or squeeze. They are also just the right length, which is rare for me, and after a good couple of years purchasing them I’m happy to say not one pair has fallen victim to the dreaded saggy knee! The best thing about them, though, is that Dotty P’s has continued to stock them for the last few years now, and regularly release new shades. I should know – this red pair were one of my most recent purchases which took me up to 6 in total, and I won’t stop there! They were a replacement for a worn out old Primark pair and I’d happily replace every other one if I spotted the right colours.

Jeggings 5Jeggings 3Jeggings 9Jeggings 6Jeggings 2Jeggings 7Jeggings 8Jeggings 1

Here I’m also wearing my new favourite shoes of the moment, my ASOS ‘Leona’ flats. I have quite a few pairs of printed flats – mainly because I just rarely find flats exciting so I’m always looking for something to increase the fun factor – but I have found they can be quite hard to integrate into an outfit. I never could resist stripes though, particularly on shoes for some reason, so I threw caution to the wind and bought them anyway and I’m so glad I did. They’re actually far more versatile than I thought they’d be (as are the red jeans, funnily enough) and I haven’t had any problems getting some wear out of them. That shouldn’t be too surprising though – I do own a lot of stripes!

My mum hasn’t got a pair of these either, so there is always that….!



P.S – This is not that effort I said I was going to make at upping my casual wear game! Just so you know!

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