Saturday Shopping – Flamingos

I know. Just last week I was kinda making fun of the strange flamingo epidemic that seems to have gripped the high street lately. And now here I am writing a post encouraging you to buy some. What can I say, I’m a fickle being.

I’m still kind of bemused at how and why the feathered creature has suddenly become such a hit, but I have to admit, since I wrote that post I’ve started feeling an odd affection for them. I mean, honestly? They’re a bit kitsch for my liking – and I’m normally a fan of kitsch – so I don’t think I’m likely to suddenly start posting tropical, copacabana prints head to toe accessorized with novelty handbags anytime soon, even if they are a bit retro. But I have started to think the odd little abstract print here and there maybe wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it? Like this little lot?

Top Row: Clarissa Dress, Lindy Bop, £36 – Tiered Cami, Oasis, £24 – Bikini, Oasis, £34 – Stripe Dress, Sugarhill Boutique, £39.50

Middle Row: Flamingo Skirt, Cutie, £42Flamingo Tee, Oasis, £30 – Coral Dress, Yumi, £35 – Crop Top, Cutie, £26

Bottom Row: Sammy Dress, Lindy Bop, £33 – Skater Dress, Yumi, £50 – Simona Dress, Collectif, £60 – Tabby Dress, Lindy Bop, £30

The boy disagrees. He doesn’t believe flamingos belong on dresses. But then he also doesn’t believe fruit belongs on dresses either, and we all know he’s wrong about that, because otherwise my beloved Louche Kiah dress wouldn’t be a thing!

Fruit doesn’t belong on dresses, whatever next? It’s a good job he is AWESOME!



3 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Flamingos

  1. I love flamingos!! I haven’t yet embraced the print on clothing (just yet) but I have found them making their way onto my phone cases, accessories and jewelry, so it’s only a matter of time! 🙂 xx


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