Fantasy Friday – J Crew Eyelet Shirtdress

If there is one thing that says Summer for me, it’s a crisp, white Summer dress.

Actually…. scrap that. There are a million things that say Summer to me, to be honest. Freshly cut grass, Pimms, beer gardens, BBQs, sunshine, the smell of suncream, not having to wear a jacket, gingham, the sound of waves lapping, ice lollies etc, etc. The list is pretty endless. Crisp white Summer dresses DO feature on it though. Somewhere between sandals and it not getting dark until 10pm, probably. Anyway, it’s up there with the rest of them as one of the things that really makes me feel like the happy season has finally arrived. Whilst I’ve written about how you can still wear white in Winter, it really does look it’s best in the Summer months as a contrast against the bright blue sky and lush green scenery, particularly when floaty, and resting on freshly bronzed skin!

Despite this, I don’t actually own very many of them. There is a very good reason for that, which we’ll come onto presently, but if I was in the market for a new one, this one would definitely rank highly on the maybe list:

J Crew Eyelet Dress
Eyelet Shirt Dress, J Crew, £152

I love everything about this dress. The midi length, which is a firm favourite of mine as I hate my knobbly knees. The cute eyelet design, which adds a bit of texture. The sleeveless shirt style, which means it’s demure enough to wear to the office. Yep, it ticks all the boxes. Sadly, it will never be mine though. Not just because of the price, which is just far more than my budget will allow for a casual frock, but because of that thing I mentioned earlier – the reason I don’t own a lot of white garments despite thinking them the ultimate neutral.

See, unfortunately I just can’t be trusted. A bright white canvas on me is just begging to be spilled on, sadly. I don’t think there has ever been an occasion when I’ve worn something white and not found it looking less than immaculate within an hour of putting it on. Case in point: last week, when my boyfriend picked me up from the station rather embarrassedly trying to hide the giant Coke stain down the front of my once crisp, white tee, caused by me opening a rather fizzy bottle in too much haste. Sometimes it isn’t even due to spillage. There was that time I had to stop off at Tesco to buy a new top on the way to a BBQ because my lovely new floaty cami had inexplicably become covered in black smudges somewhere between leaving the house and doing up my seatbelt (which was just as well really, because BBQ? And a white cami? Come on Steph…)! And many a time have I pulled what I swore was a clean top out of my bag on a weekend away only to find unexplained stains all over it. So you see I just can’t justify spending upwards of £100 on a dress I just know I’ll ruin in time, no matter how cute it would look with wedges and a little denim jacket….

If you know of any cheaper versions though, be sure to let me know! I might be a spiller, but I’m only human!




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