Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Bow Back Dress

Oh Kate, why do you tease me so with all your lovely signature bows? You know I can’t resist something adorned with a beautiful bow, especially when it comes in the form of a gorgeous dress like this!

Bow Back Red 2Bow Back Red

Kate Spade Bow Back Fit and Flare Dress, £378

This darling little thing isn’t all too dissimilar to the ‘Tanner’ dress I showed you nearly two years ago now, but it’s grown up a little since then. Firstly, the hemline on this one is a little more conservative, making it a little more ladylike rather than the girly, flirty above the knee version of 2015. Secondly, that sweet, little bow on the back has become a bit more of a statement piece – and as much as I loved that sweet little bow, this one is just something else! A real showstopper! Thirdly, the colour palette has moved away from sugary pastels to a far more sultry red, which again, makes it just that little more sophisticated. Continuing the theme, it also comes in a simple black or white if red is a little too daring for you! Black, white and red is one of my favourite colour combinations, and I’m actually finding myself wishing I could own all three just so I could hang them all up together in a row, just to look at, which yes, I’m aware, is strange and possibly bordering on obsessive….

All in all, this is a fantastic rework of an already lovely dress, which pushes it slightly closer to the 50’s aesthetic that I love so much. Not that I don’t still love the ‘Tanner’ you understand.  Tanner is adorable, I’m just also a huge fan of this slightly more mature, evening appropriate look. In fact, I see no issue in wanting both equally, just to make sure I had all eventualities covered! Tanner for the day and this one for the night!

Surely that just makes sense, no?!

Just me then…..!



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