Outfit: Black, White & Red All Over

So, last week I told you how much I love the combination of black and white with red, and here I am demonstrating it in an outfit post – see, I don’t just make things up you know, my random ramblings are based on truth, even if they don’t make sense most of the time! I’m actually a bit conflicted as I write this post, because on the one hand I’m hoping this is the last time I’ll post an outfit featuring tights for at least a few months now, but on the other I’m suddenly disappointed that I didn’t get more wear out of this mac this Spring. It was only a cheap buy from Primark, but I love it, and I can’t for the life of me think why I tend to reach for my trusty camel mac over this one all the time.

It isn’t as though black and white stripes are hard to incorporate into an outfit, though I must admit, almost every time I wear monochrome stripes or polka dots I really struggle not to wear them with red – it’s just such a classic combination that I can’t help myself! Red can also be quite tricky to match into outfits, so using this failsafe palette is a great way of making sure my brighter pieces get plenty of wear, such as these new Zara flats that are currently my favorite thing ever! Remember how I told you that lace up shoes made me feel better about coloured shoes with tights? Well ever since I discovered that strange little quirk of mine I’ve been on the look out for new red flats in a similar style to the green ones. My previous pair had disintegrated at the end of last Summer, so I was in desperate need of a replacement anyway, but it was one of those things that proved far harder than I expected. There seems to be a dramatic lack of red shoes on offer at the moment with most of the high street favouring pastel shades (not necessarily a bad thing!) and I was really struggling to find anything that matched my expectations. Finally I spotted these on eBay, and have been forever grateful ever since – I love them!

Black White Red 1Black White Red 5Black White Red 2Black White Red 4Black White Red 7Black White Red 6Black White Red 3Black White Red 9

As I write this I’m nursing a touch of sunburn from the weekend, but at the same time the rain is back and lashing against my window, so who knows? Maybe I’ll get a little more wear out of the mac yet!

Hopefully not the tights though…!



In this post: Red lace up flats, Zara (Similar) – Black top, Primark (Similar) – Red skirt, H&M (Similar) – Striped trench coat, Primark (Similar) – Red bag, Miss Lulu c/o Amazon 

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