June Lust Haves

Another month, another load of Oasis clothes I want but can’t justify! Same old, same old, right? Well, in fairness I’m only showing you two things from Oasis today, but that’s only because I may or may not have just bought half the store in the sale this afternoon……

Anywaaaaaay, moving swiftly on!!

The first item to have me lusting this month is this gorgeous striped midi:

Oasis Striped Midi
Stripe Tie Back Midi, Oasis, £50

I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this dress. Yes literally. There I was, browsing the sale rail, when I looked up and there it was. I actually froze right there in front of the discounted camis, and got right in some stoppy woman’s way, judging by her huffiness. Sorry stroppy woman, but all is fair in love and shopping. When you know, you know, and there aint nothin’ you can do about it. Enough about her though, and on to the dress. Just like most ‘love at first sight’ situations, there are several things wrong with it – it’s exactly that shape I mentioned last month, that probably won’t suit me at all for starters. Also, I have one almost identical, also from Oasis last year, just with a boat neck, but for some reason I’m just really drawn to this strappy version. It’s just so fun! I think it’s probably that adorable little bow at the back! I did actually think it looked nicer on the hanger than in the website pics though which is never a good sign, so I might just have to try it on to prove my concerns are right, and then maybe I’ll sleep a little better for a while! Till the next unsuitable frock that is!

Speaking of which…:

Oasis Ditsy Playsuit
Ditsy Print Playsuit, £40

Yeah I know. I don’t do playsuits. But it’s just so cuuuuute. It’s kind of like a tea dress. It’s got a sweet ditsy print! And another bow! This darling little thing is also from Oasis, who I am starting to think have some sort of vendetta against me right now. I might have to actually go on an Oasis ban for a while. Well, maybe after the sale has finished, before would just be too cruel a rule…

And just two items in, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the theme of this months wish list is unsuitable garments!!

Like these:

Dorothy Perkins Blue Sandals
Blue Sandals, Dorothy Perkins, £25

Yeah, pastel blue suede shoes. Like I haven’t learnt that lesson already! But they’re just so sweet, and it is one of my favourite colours! They are lower than my usual style but that actually works in their favour a little as it would mean I could wear them to work instead of just on nights out, like the vast majority of my shoe collection. But I know they’d end up getting ruined after one too many outings in the great British weather. That and my tendency to go for ‘one’ drink after work and find myself in Reflex at 3am…..

Next up is something completely suitable though! Check ’em out:

Office Harriet
‘Harriet’ Shoes, Office, £62

JUST KIDDING! I totes have no requirement for these. Other than the fact they’re AWESOME! I don’t think I could get away with them for work, somehow? They don’t really look like they’re designed for traipsing up and down the stairs every time you need a coffee from the canteen, do they? They would instantly brighten up any outfit though, wouldn’t they? Or any day in general, for that matter! It’s the bow.

ALWAYS WITH THE BOWS STEPH! Seriously, fashion retailers take note, just stick a bow on something and I’ll give you my money. I’m not even joking.

So what’s caught your eye this month? It better not be bows, because they’re all mine. MINE GODDAMIT!



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