Outfit: Ice Cream Sunday


Matilda 2

No, that isn’t a spelling mistake, it’s just me trying to be clever again!

What a lovely run of weather we’ve been having lately! Which is good news for you, because it means I get to wear all of my favourite frocks, and have something a bit more interesting to post than my recent spate of ‘jeans with a nice top’ outfits!

This little beauty is Lindy Bop’s Matilda, and is a frock I coveted for quite some time before I finally landed it. As you know, I’m a huge fan of stripes as it is, but there was something about those pretty ice cream shades that really spoke to me, and since the first time I saw it last Summer, I’ve wanted to make it mine. So did everyone else unfortunately, because it sold out pretty rapidly, and as per usual any that did crop up on eBay were going for ridiculously inflated prices. Somehow though my bestie managed to track one down, because I was thrilled to unwrap one on Christmas Day! Of course, it is an extremely summery dress, so you can imagine how frustrating it has been, seeing it hung up in my room with not enough sunshine outside to wear it!

Finally the warm season has arrived though, and Matilda is now one of my go to frocks – it’s just so cheery! As with a few of Lindy Bop’s styles, it sits a little high on the waist on me as I have a fairly long torso, but this isn’t something that can’t be fixed with the addition of a belt. It comes in the usual thick cotton that most of their frocks are made of, meaning there is no need for a petticoat on non-dressy days, though I think it would look pretty spectacular with that added volume! The thing I love most about the Matilda style though is the collar and buttons, which give it a slightly more casual feel than my beloved Audrey frocks (seen here, here and here) and make it the perfect attire for lounging around the garden on sunny Sundays (hopefully now the title makes sense…..!)

Matilda 7Matilda 4Matilda 3Matilda 8Matilda 6Matilda 1Matilda 9Matilda 5

Since getting this one I now also have it in a bicycle print which I’m equally enamored with, so it looks as though Matilda might be ready to give Audrey a run for her money! Stay tuned for even more purchases, which are bound to be coming to a post near you soon….



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