Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker ‘Felline’ Bag

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that while I love the 50’s shapes and styles, I don’t like to wear outfits that are too authentic looking. See, it all comes back to that desire to blend into the background rather than stand out from the crowd. I must follow about a billion Pin Up girls on Instagram and completely love their look, but I just don’t have the confidence to go full on rockabilly myself (plus, I’m a very fickle being, so couldn’t see myself sticking to one era the majority of the time). See, standing out from the crowd means inviting people to look at you, and when people look at you, they judge you, and well, I’m a wuss, so I just can’t take the pressure! So instead I continue to maintain a happy medium, where I can give a nod to days gone by, but still wear more current trends and pieces at the same time. I know, like I said, wuss.

Anyway, this does at times mean I’m missing out, because in my heart of hearts, one of the things I love most about 50’s fashion (aside from the big, frothy skirts) is that it had a tendency to be a bit kitsch and fun. Cherry prints, polka dots, hawaiian patterns – they’re all so light hearted and sweet. This was particularly apparent in 50’s accessories – think about all those darling Bakelite brooches and brightly coloured bamboo bangles? I just can’t take myself too seriously, so whimsical, novelty items really appeal, but often the fear of looking a bit ‘out there’ puts me off. Which is why, as of yet, I’m yet to be seen sporting a handbag shaped like a strawberry (or even a dinosaur…!) despite finding them extremely endearing!

I think Ted Baker may have made me the perfect compromise though in this adorable ‘Felline’ bag:

Ted Baker Felline
‘Felline’ Bag, Ted Baker, £129

Even more subtle than the Kate Spade Birdie bag I featured a few weeks ago, I absolutely love that from far away this is just a smart little cross body bag, but up close it has that little bit of added whimsy with it’s sweet little kitten whiskers and cat ears. I just love that it’s a cat, without being a cat. Like my own little secret, so I can pretend I’m a really fun, kooky kind of a gal without really having to commit to it….

Yep, complete wuss!




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