Saturday Shopping – Nautical But Nice!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll already know I’m a big fan of nautical styles and prints. Just cannot get enough of them. I probably own more breton tops than a normal person needs to, and find it very difficult indeed not to pair them with red accessories. Anyone else might think that’s taking the look a step too far, but not me. Oh no. I am not afraid to go all out and just dress like a sailor (yes, me, the girl who just yesterday said she didn’t like looking like she was wearing fancy dress….go figure). You can see the evidence here, here and here! In fact, it’s been a while since I went out all sailored up, must do something about that… Anyhow, it’s surprising then, that it has taken me this long to actually write a shopping post about nautical clothing!

I don’t know what it is about the look that I love so much. But anything striped and red, white and blue is bound to catch my attention. See also: seashells, anchors, seaside related prints in general. If it has buttons on the shoulders or pockets? Well then you might as well just call it mine! I just can’t help but want it. Luckily for my insatiable urges, it’s a pretty enduring style and starts appearing in stores most years from Spring onwards. Ever since I wrote about this dress a couple of weeks ago, the desire to own every nautical piece going was reawakened – here is what has caught my eye lately….:

Top Row: Striped Shorts, H&M, £12.99‘Marie’ Skirt, Lindy Bop, £25‘Tennessee’ Dress, Sixton, £75Striped Mini, Oasis, £40 

Second Row: Nancy Dress, Emily & Fin, £75 – Striped Shorts, H&M, £19.99 – Lighthouse Skirt, Hell Bunny, £29.99Cold Shoulder Top, Oasis, £29 

Third Row: ‘Yvonne’ Dress, Hell Bunny, £36.99Tie Front Tee, Oasis, £30‘Carolina’ Dress, Lindy Bop, £23‘Marin’ Skirt, Hell Bunny, £29.99

Bottom Row: ‘Heidi’ Dress, Sugarhill Boutique, £55‘Dolly’ Top, Hell Bunny, £15.99 – Navy Dress, Dorothy Perkins, £18‘Dylan’ Dress, Joanie Clothing, £40

So many nautical pieces, so little time. And money. And space…. It’s a good job I already have plenty to keep me going. All I need now is a boat to wear them on. That’s the dream people.

What do you mean that’s too cliche??



5 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Nautical But Nice!

  1. I love the nautical look! I also have more Breton tops than you should and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon- stripes are ALWAYS appropriate, especially for a casual look! I do love moving into plaids with the colder weather, though 😍


    1. Yes, love a blackwatch plaid when it starts getting colder! Pretty much all of my Winter wardrobe is either forest green or burgundy, thankfully both have featured pretty heavily fashion wise for the last couple of years. Fingers crossed the same applies this year or I might have to start from scratch! x

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      1. I will spend MONTHS looking for a piece that doesn’t happen to be trendy because I have a specific idea in mind- I have a lot of blackwatch and Stuart plaids going on! I’ve even been known to mix my plaids 😎

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    1. It’s cute isn’t it! I’ve seen a few Emily and Fin dresses I’ve liked in the past but never tried any – I’m lucky enough to have an Aspire Style store near me in Solihull though so I might pop in and see what they’re like in real life! x


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