Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Whimsies Bags

You know that feeling when you’ve spent your whole life looking for the perfect dinosaur handbag, and finally you spot it??

Erm, well no, me neither actually. Because who thinks they need a dinosaur handbag really? It’s not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when you think of themes for accessories. I can’t really think of an occasion when you’re putting an outfit together and think to yourself, ‘Now, what handbag? Hmmmm. I really feel like a Stegosaurus would go well with these shoes…. If only that was a thing, a Stegosaurus bag.’ But then Kate Spade goes and makes these, and everything changes:

Kate Spade Whimsies Bags, £340


AND WHY DO I SUDDENLY THINK DINOSAURS ARE CUTE??? Dinosaurs are big, scary, toothy, bitey things! Or you know, something a 6 year old boy would like.

Well, these particular dinosaurs are really cute to be fair. They have faces. And look like they should have names. And they are pastel coloured. And I hate myself for it, but I want them. Maybe not to use, maybe just to sit on a shelf and look pretty, but I want them all the same. Both of them, of course. They are clearly a pair and couldn’t possibly be split up…..

Dalmatians aside, I’ve never actually been a huge fan of novelty, kitsch accessories, though I think that might be changing – I bought this handbag for my bestie for Christmas and found myself feeling a little jealous it wasn’t for me. And I have always been quite fond of Collectif’s famous strawberry bag.

But still, dinosaurs? Really??

Maybe I’ve finally reached the stage where Kate Spade could slap her name on a bin bag and I’d still want it. Or maybe dinosaur handbags are actually the new best thing you never knew you needed?

Or maybe I just need to have a stiff gin and take myself off to bed before I decide I also want dinosaur shoes….. I’ll leave you to ponder that one!



2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Whimsies Bags

  1. Two year olds boys also love dinosaurs, Felix is at the stage where he refuses to wear anything that isn’t one of his six dinosaur t-shirts, insert rolling eyes emoji. Triceratops has always been my favourite dinosaur but I just can’t see these being big sellers…..?!?!


    1. I know right? I mean, I can’t help finding them aesthetically pleasing, but I just can’t imagine actually using one?! They do kind of look like the kind of thing you would buy to go on a shelf in a nursery! x


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