Outfit: Polka Dot Pants

Polka Dot Pants 6.jpg

Well, what do we have here?

Steph, in a really unimaginative outfit, that’s what! Surely the beauty of black and white polka dots is that you can pair them with pretty much any colour you want, right? And yet, here I am, pairing them with red. Quelle surprise! Thing is though, I just can’t help myself. There is just something about that colour combination that just feels right?

Despite my complete lack of inspiration putting this together though, it’s probably actually one of my favourite outfits recently. Or out of the ones that don’t involve a Lindy Bop dress anyway…! I didn’t set out with that objective. In fact, this was actually the result of complete laziness. I had a training day in Stratford for work and was meeting a friend at the pub for a quiz afterwards, so there was no need to be all dressed up. So as I was getting ready, I fully intended to resort to my standard work fall back of jeans and a blouse, when something reminded me about these cute trousers I picked up at H&M last year.

Polka Dot Pants 9Polka Dot Pants 8Polka Dot Pants 4Polka Dot Pants 3Polka Dot Pants 5Polka Dot PantsPolka Dot Pants 2Polka Dot Pants 7Polka Dot Pants 10

Of course, once I’d remembered them I was all, POLKA DOTS?? HELLS YEAH!! But for some reason, I’ve actually barely worn them before now. This will change though, friends, this will change. Printed trousers are fast becoming a favourite of mine during the warmer months, as they just feel that little bit smarter than jeans. I think I might even be starting to like them more than my beloved Edens!

Don’t tell them I told you that though….



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