Lust Haves – The Holiday Edition 2017

Going on holiday in the Autumn can be both a blessing and a curse. You have to endure months on end of skipping past everyone else’s holiday photos on Instagram and trying not to roll your eyes when start filling everyone in on what an AMAZING time they’re having. Literally everyone else seems to be jetting off somewhere exciting, while the time between now and your trip seems to stretch endlessly ahead of you, to the point where you wonder if you’ll ever actually get there. But then comes the sweet revenge, when you get to be the smug one and saunter off to the airport while their once golden tans start fading! I’m not very nice really, am I?

One major downside of seeking a bit of Autumnal sunshine though, is that shopping for your trip gets a hell of a lot harder at this time of year. Ever tried to buy a bikini in September? It’s not an easy task, let me tell you. All the shops are full of jumpers, and here I am, dreaming of sandals and sundresses! Of course, I could have been proactive and bought things early and put them away till the big day came, but come on. We all know proactivity isn’t really my strong point! Still, resourcefulness actually is, and so true to form I have still managed to find a few bits I’d quite like to be in my suitcase when I touch down in Tenerife! I know, it’s been a struggle guys, but I soldiered on. What can I say? I’m a survivor…

First up, these cute little sandals from ASOS:

Holiday Wishlist 5
ASOS ‘Feel Good’ Sandals, £10

I’ve said it many a time before, but I’ll say it again for good measure – metallics are the ultimate neutral. Most of the time I gravitate towards gold, so these silver sandals would make a nice change!

Next up, this rather fetching kaftan from Accessorize:

Holiday Wishlist 3
Accessorize ‘Eden’ Kaftan, £35

Now, this is the kind of thing you would only ever buy for a holiday to throw on over your bikini, but I’m so charmed by the print I think I could actually see me wearing this out in the evenings too. Worn over a vest with some shorts and a pair of wedges, I think it would make a rather lovely outfit for dinner one night.

Speaking of tops, this one by ASOS has ‘holiday’ written all over it:

Holiday Wishlist 4
ASOS Cold Shoulder Cami, £18

Cold shoulder tops are a bit controversial, aren’t they? There are plenty of people out there who absolutely despise the trend. On the one hand I’m inclined to agree. I definitely get confused by jumpers or tops where the shoulders literally seem to be cut out. But a pretty little draped sleeve on a cami or a midi dress? I’m down with that shiz, and the lovely coral colour of this one would offset a tan nicely, don’t you think?

As if to illustrate the above point, I’ve also fallen head over heels for this rather stunning cold shoulder dress from my favourite store of the moment, Oasis:


Holiday Wishlist 1
Oasis ‘Kimono’ Pleated Midi, £75

Nothing says romance like a floaty, pleated midi skirt, I feel, and the print on this one is just beautiful. There is something suggestive, thanks to baring those bronzed shoulders, and yet demure about a dress like this that is incredibly alluring, and I feel like it would remind me of my (hopefully) wonderful holiday every time I put it on after we got back. Want it want it want it!

Lastly, you can’t go on holiday without packing a white dress, can you? And this one from Chicwish is just the ticket:

Holiday Wishlist 2
Chicwish Flower Cut Out Dress, £47.94

Everyone knows you wear white to showcase that tan! I don’t actually, most of the time, because I’m a chronic spiller, but holidays are a time when you can do things you wouldn’t normally do at home, so why the hell not? I just love the delicate floral cut out work on the overlay of this dress, so much so I’m thinking maybe I should just get it and wear a bib every time I consume something…

And that is it! My last summery clothing lust haves. I feel sad, like it’s the end of an era. Not too sad though, because I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY!!!

Just in case I forgot to mention it, like….



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