Outfit: Think Pink

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I rebelled against pink when I was younger.

I don’t really know why, and I don’t even think it was a conscious decision, but for some reason, I did. Pink equalled girly, to me, and as a teen in the 90’s, being ‘girly’ just wasn’t cricket. We’d just gone through the whole Spice Girls Girl Power thing, and ‘ladette’ culture was in it’s element, and the aim for any respectable 14 year old back then was to be thought of as ‘cool’. Not pretty. And most definitely not girly. Just cool. Girly girls were silly, and giggly, and vapid, and vain. And only girly girls wore pink.

These days, of course, I’m the grand old age of 34 and thankfully able to acknowledge that the colour one chooses to wear doesn’t in any way automatically express their personality. Even if it did, I’m not scared of being a girly girl anymore. I mean, I’m not sure I am one in all honesty, whatever one is anyway, but if someone thinks I am one? What of it? I’m girly sometimes, so sue me? I am a girl afterall. And I like shoes, and big skirts. And I like to do my hair, wear lipgloss and paint my nails. But I also have a stressful job where I manage lots of people. I like to throw on my wellies and got for muddy walks with the dog. I fixed the washing machine once by Googling it (true story) and as I discovered during all that packing last week, I can heavy lift with the best of them, thanks very much! I’m all kinds of girl, and sometimes I also wear pink.

Why wouldn’t I want to wear pink, anyway? Pink rocks. It’s such a pretty, warm and fun colour, in all it’s shades. It’s a colour that really makes me smile, so I’m glad I can wear it now without worrying what people think of me (God, we’re brainded when we’re teenage, aren’t we??)

Think Pink 3Think Pink 6Think Pink 4Think Pink 9Think Pink 2Think Pink 7Think Pink 8Think Pink 5

I also wear blue sometimes, just FYI…



P.S – Has anyone else got that song from Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face stuck in there head now?? Just me then…!

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