Outfit: Blending In

Sunset 2.jpg

We do love a good matching background, do us outfit bloggers. There is  nothing more satisfying than accidentally happening upon a field of flowers or a freshly painted wall that perfectly match your clothes or accessories. It doesn’t happen a huge amount for me – especially in Winter, when a hurried couple of shots taken in my garden before the sun goes down is all I can manage.

I managed it this day though, and in pretty spectacular fashion! I assumed at the time that this was due to be my usual background – an uninteresting brick wall, hastily chosen because of the quickly dissipating light of the day – but as we dashed out of the office before meeting some friends for dinner we found the sky itself had decided to play ball and match my outfit, by giving us this rather lovely sunset. It didn’t mean the best light of course, so these photos aren’t the best, but it was perfectly toned to match this lovely, silky Oasis top and another pair of my beloved On To Point court shoes.

As mentioned the other week, this combination of jeans and a blazer is pretty much the full extent of my transitional wardrobe – as soon as it gets too cold for naked feet it will be all tights and tea dresses, but for now I’m trying to squeeze in as much wear as possible from my shoe collection before they have to get packed away for Winter, bar the odd night out. I’ve also tried to keep Winter thoughts at bay by going as bright as possible with this combination of coral and pink, and maybe it worked, given the gorgeous skies that evening!

Sunset 1Sunset 4Sunset 9Sunset 5Sunset 8Sunset 3Sunset 6Sunset 7



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