Outfit: The Perfect Autumn Cover Up

Chilling 4

Remember this post about my new found love for the denim jacket? In it I pondered what on earth I would wear as a cover up once it was too cold for it. Quite a conundrum, I think you’ll agree. I’m sure you’ve just been sat on the edge of your seats ever since, wondering if I ever worked out the solution to that problem! Well, you can breathe and sleep easy again, ’cause I worked it out friends. I know! What a relief!!

I do love pretending you’re all that interested in my minor fashion dilemmas, I really do! Anyway, I discovered the perfect Autumn cover up, and it turns out, I already owned it! I picked up this khaki draped trench in Primark on a trip to Liverpool last year, but I struggled to wear it at first. Being pretty cheap it’s neither lined nor waterproof, so I couldn’t wear it the same way I’d normally wear a trench. Most of the time I just used i to throw on top of a cami and jeans if I went out for dinner as it was a nice way to dress down heels, but I couldn’t help feeling irritated that I wasn’t getting to wear it as much as I’d hoped.

Then one drizzly afternoon a couple of weeks ago, we were heading out on a dog walk. I was already wearing a chunky cardigan and it wasn’t cold enough for my big coat yet, so I grabbed this to throw on top just to keep out the wind, and it struck me – it actually looked pretty good! So THATS why fashion bloggers are always harping on about layering!

Chilling 2Chilling 7Chilling 5Chilling 1Chilling 6Chilling 3Chilling 8

Well, thank god for that folks, who knows what I’d have done if I hadn’t fixed this one. I’d have had to, I dunno, worn a different jacket or something? Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

Tune in next time for another exciting installment of ‘Steph’s First World wardrobe problems!’



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