Outfit: The Trouble With Tights

Tights 5.jpg

Here it is guys, the first of the Winter outfit posts! In truth, I actually took these photos just before we went on holiday, but honestly, I wasn’t ready to post them at the time. I still had warm, fuzzy dreams of sunshine floating around in my head, and admitting that aside from the trip, I was destined for a few months of cold weather was too much to think about. But I’ve been back for a few weeks now, the rain is here to stay and it’s time to accept that it’s time to layer up. The tights are back people.

Now, I feel I have to add here that I passionately dislike tights. I cannot stress to you just how much. They are, quite possibly, my least favourite item of clothing to wear, and if there was any way on earth I could get away with never wearing them, yet still getting to wear my dress and skirt collection, you can bet your bottom dollar they would all go in the bin. Sadly though, I live in England, so that is but a pipe dream.

I don’t quite know what it is about them that makes them so awful. They aren’t all that uncomfortable really, but every year without fail they just seem to be nothing but a source of frustration. I buy a new stock every Winter, and yet every pair I pull out of the drawer has holes in the toe – why? I swear I throw them in the bin each time, and yet every morning, bam, holey toes! And finding a pair that aren’t bobbly around the ankles when you want to wear shoes rather than boots? Forget it. And don’t even get me started with the dog hair! I keep a lint roller next to the door, and yet the moment I’m out of the house they start appearing like measles! Yep, I hate those damn things! I can just never feel ‘together’ in them.

As I said though, they are a necessary evil, because my Winter uniform basically consists of little printed dresses like this one from Warehouse. This outfit is completely typical of what I tend to wear during the colder months, so you can expect a lot more like this on the horizon.

And a lot more complaining about tights!

Tights 1Tights 6Tights 2Tights 8Tights 11Tights 7Tights 10Tights 9Tights 4



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