Saturday Shopping – Velvet Crush

I didn’t buy a party frock this year. Nope. I was a good girl and ignored all the pretties, choosing instead to make use of my well neglected but plentiful collection of party wear already hanging in my closet for this year’s celebrations. Aren’t I good?? No seriously, do you know how hard it was? Do you not remember the glitter shoe crisis of last Winter?? There wasn’t a shoe with glitter on it that didn’t somehow inexplicably make it’s way onto my shoe shelves, only to languish until the next rare occasion where glitter is appropriate…. Yes, unfortunately my love of fashion has always leaned more heavily towards the ‘fancy’ end of the spectrum, despite not really getting out much these days, meaning Christmas, with all it’s festive sparkle and sequins, is the hardest time of all to resist temptation. So I’m pretty darn chuffed with myself that I didn’t cave, basically!

One thing that also differs this year to others though, is that despite my love of all things glitzy, it actually isn’t the more spangly party outfits that have caused me the most torment. This year it seems velvet is having a major comeback, and it is actually these frocks that have had me hovering over the add to basket button more often than not. I’ve always been a tactile shopper, loving to feel the fabric between my fingers and test the weight and the drape of a garment, so velvet has always had a bit (ok, a lot…) of an appeal. I also love the way the colours seem to glow magically in a way most fabrics just don’t. It brings the piece to life if that makes sense, and it seems like the perfect soft, cosy material to wrap yourself in on a chilly December night. Just look at this lovely lot:

Top Row: ‘Andromeda’ Dress, Collectif, £48Cold Shoulder Dress, AX Paris, £25 – ‘Naya’ Dress, Boohoo, £18 Crossover Dress, Zara, £29.99

Second Row: Wrap Dress, H&M, £34.99‘Hollie’ Dress, Collectif, £39.50Pleated Midi, Oasis, £72‘Desert Moon’ Dress, Topshop, £76

Third Row: Mini Dress, Miss Selfridge, £12‘Romana’ Dress, Oasis, £32.20‘Quin’ Dress, Collectif, £66High Neck Dress, Warehouse, £34.50

Bottom Row: High Neck Dress, Warehouse, £34.50Tube Dress, Zara, £29.99Wrap Dress, New Look, £19.99Wrap Dress, Zara, £29.99

So, if I HAD been in the market for a new frock this year, I’m pretty sure it would have been one of these beauties accompanying me to the office Christmas do.

Have you been tempted by some sumptuous velvet this year, or are you all about the bling?




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