Saturday Shopping – Non-Christmas Jumpers

Ah, the Christmas jumper. Basically the marmite of festive fashion. A few years ago Primark decided to release a range of cheap and cheesy Christmas knitwear and that was it – they exploded back onto the scene with a vengeance and now pretty much every high street store will have a least a handful of them on offer throughout December. Now, I don’t actually mind a daft xmas knit in the right circumstances – they’re a bit of fun and I’m on board with anything that helps people get in the spirit of things. But they just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea are they? Not everyone wants to walk around with a 3D Christmas Pudding on their stomach, or flashing fairy lights. But not many people will let you get away with not joining in these days – how many times have you spent ages planning what to wear to a Christmas party only to have the host declare, ‘Everyone needs to wear a Christmas jumper! Come on, it’ll be fun!’ 

Last year I wrote a post about some of the more tasteful knits out there, and while I still rather like all of those I featured, admittedly they were all still very heavily Christmas themed, which means after you’ve spent a decent amount on one, you can only wear it a handful of times per year, which is rather annoying. So this year I thought I’d do a round up of my favourite festive sweaters that allow you to join in with all the seasonal sparkle and glitter without looking like a Christmas tree – and best of all, you will be able to wear them even after you’ve packed the decorations away in January!

Top Row: Embellished Jumper, Warehouse, £30Grey Jewelled Jumper, M&S, £39.50Navy Jewelled Jumper, M&S, £39.50

Second Row: Sparkly Knit, M&S, £35Velvet Jumper, Louche, £39Mistletoe Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £26

Third Row: Ombre Glitter Knit, Oasis, £22Embellished Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £20Glitter Jumper, Monsoon, £39

Bottom Row: Sequin Jumper, Warehouse, £30Glitter Jumper, Joanie Clothing, £30.40Embellished Sweater, H&M, £24.99

So, if you’re out last minute shopping today and fancy snagging yourself something a little glitzy but cosy to wear on Christmas evening maybe one of these might take your fancy? I personally am rather enamoured with quite a few of those bejewelled numbers! In fact, it’s making me feel like my jumper collection is not nearly glamorous enough! Maybe Santa will bring me something sparkly on Monday!

Here’s hoping!




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