Outfit: Winter Blues

Blue Coat 1.jpg

Firstly, a disclaimer – I really must apologise for the horrific state of my hair in these photographs! Taking outfit photos in England in December is not an easy task as it is, but on this particular grey, drizzly, cold day, this is how they came out. I probably should have just deleted them and retaken them another day when I didn’t have thrice-rained-on hair, but honestly? I’m lazy, so here they are.

Luckily, this post isn’t about my hair, otherwise you’d already have stopped reading – it’s actually about this rather gorgeous coat. This was an absolute stormer of an eBay bargain that I managed to score back in September. I was already pretty excited at the prospect of this coat – from Oasis and barely worn, for the bargain price of just £15 – but the reality was so much better. This coat is just the most beautiful shade of baby blue and is made from the softest of fabric. Wearing it is honestly a little bit like having a cuddle! And I just love that the pretty colour brings a smile to my face on a dark and dreary day.

I wasn’t 100% convinced about the style at first – I’ve written before about my reservations when it comes to the more androgynous shapes that seem to be all the rage these days. I’ve always been more comfortable in a timeless swing or a classic princess coat so I wasn’t sure it would suit me. As it happens though, it’s just so damn snuggly I forgot to really care about what I looked like in it! Looking at the pics, it’s not the most flattering coat I’ve ever owned, but I’m still very happy with it, and am very much looking forward to trying it out in the Spring, worn open and paired with heels. It almost makes me feel a bit sad to think I’ll have to pack it away soon. Only a tiny bit though, because I honestly feel a little like I’m losing the will to live with the cold – the coat is great and all, but it just doesn’t compete with sunshine!!

Blue Coat 2Blue Coat 5Blue Coat 3Blue Coat 6Blue Coat 4Blue Coat 8Blue Coat 7

How about you, are you ready to ditch the thermals yet or do you love wrapping up in Winter?



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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Winter Blues

    1. Thanks! It really is – I’m obsessed with all things Kate Spade too but I end up using this one most as its so easy to match into an outfit. Still, I’d happily acquire a few more! x

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