Outfit: The One Good Thing About Winter Fashion

Cosy 1.jpg

For all the complaining I do about Winter fashion, there is one plus side. One teeny, tiny plus side, maybe, but a plus side all the same. And that is cosiness.

I may actually be half human, half lizard, because I absolutely thrive in the warmth and despise being too cold. Bit of a problem really when you live in the UK – soaring temperatures aren’t commonplace in the Summer, never mind the rest of the year. Even when the weather is warm, I may spend all day outside enjoying the sunshine, but once the sun goes down I’ll still be wanting to climb under a snuggly blanket and throw on my fluffy bed socks. I’ve just always found comfort in getting all cosy, no matter what the weather, so at least when the Winter hits I’ve got a good excuse!

Some rainy weekends in England, there doesn’t seem much point in venturing outside. I just want to curl up with my pup, a hot drink and a good book and stay there all day. And why not, I ask you? Especially when you have the softest of soft, cuddly jumpers, like this one. This pretty pink knit was one of my favourite purchases of last year. It’s such a lovely colour it’s a shame not to wear it out, so I do make sure it gets plenty of outings, but it is also my favourite thing to throw on when I don’t want to do anything at all but wrap up and chill out. I’ve also just noticed that they’ve re-released it this year in grey – think I need to get that one too just so that I can rotate them!!

Cosy 2Cosy 4Cosy 5Cosy 7Cosy 3Cosy 8Cosy 6

What’s your favourite way to keep out the cold?



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