Outfit: A Skirt, Matching Shoes and an Endless Struggle

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Ah, the trials and tribulations of blogging about your outfits when you live in the UK in Winter!

I’m sure plenty of people think what we do is odd at the best of times. Talking endlessly about clothes when there are serious things going down in the world. Posting pictures of ourselves on the Internet for all to see, all the while claiming to be shy or socially awkward. Not everyone finds clothes and shoes as fascinating as you and I (assuming of course that you do, perhaps you stumbled here accidentally??) so I can see why they might find this li’l community of ours a little strange. Not as strange as some of the things we get up to in secret, though – if only they knew the bizarre situations we find ourselves in just to be able to share that new frock we bought with each other, or delight at how perfectly that bag matches that print!

See, some lucky bloggers have the fortune to live in incredibly attractive places. If Instagram is to be believed, they have a bevy of scenic backdrops to pose against, and the sun shines every single day. Not so much the case for the poor, rained-upon British blogger. Taking pictures of our outfits in Winter becomes a real challenge, particularly if you work a classic 9-5. Monday to Friday you rarely see daylight at all, unless you manage a quick trip out on your lunch break and have a willing photographer to hand. You might then be lucky enough to grab a few pics outside a trendy cafe or against a conveniently placed wall of street art, but only if you are one of the confident few that can do so with a hundred by passers in the proximity and not grimace with apologetic anxiety in every shot. I know I for one am yet to manage to perfect that nonchalant, natural stroll down the road type of scene! So perhaps you will try to squeeze all your photo shoots into the weekend, when you have daylight hours at your disposal? That’s if you can get a day when the heavens haven’t opened and everything isn’t looking more than a little grey! Even now that I’ve moved to the far more picturesque countryside, I still struggle, mainly because I still haven’t managed to overcome my self consciousness enough to make Dan drive me to a pretty field and pose in my heels in front of all the farmers and dog walkers in their wellies!

And so, we find ourselves doing weird things like this. Prancing around in the spare room like a complete idiot while our boyfriends are out on a bike ride, trying to capture shots of an outfit we wore three days ago against the one wall that is light enough, because we’re too embarrassed to do it in the garden for the umpteenth time in case the neighbours see. It’s bonkers really, isn’t it? All this effort to avoid being seen taking pictures of ourselves, when we are then going to post said pictures on the Internet… The things we put ourselves through just so that we can show everyone that our shoes matched our skirt (although, while we’re on the subject, did you see how well my shoes matched my skirt? Because I was pretty darn pleased about it…) Oh, the conflict!

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So try to spare a thought for us poor British bloggers and the pain and suffering we go through each Winter just to be sure you don’t miss an opportunity to see what we wore that one time. The struggle is real, people….



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8 thoughts on “Outfit: A Skirt, Matching Shoes and an Endless Struggle

  1. This speaks to me so much 😂 my balcony has become my photo shoot gallery… which would be great if it wasn’t opposite another house! Fairly sure they think I’m bonkers prancing about in a dress in Baltic weather

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