Moments of Weakness – January

Now I must start by saying that January has not been a restrained month. Not at all. To be fair, I did hint that this would be the case last month, and true to form, I have been an absolute spend monster so far this year! So if you are passionately anti-disposable fashion or all about conscious spending, you might want to look away now, because I’m sure you will find this post rather offensive to your beliefs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…!

It all started with Marks & Spencers and their ridiculously good Winter shoe range (now there is a sentence I never thought I’d say…!) I’d already posted about a particular pair on my November wishlist, but the truth is, they had an awful lot of excellent shoes this year. None of them were the sensible kind of shoe though, in fact the pair I featured were pretty typical of what was on offer – velvet, gold, embellishments, glitter. Basically party shoes! And I do not need any party shoes, so I was adamant that I was not going to get any. Then they went down to £20 a pair in the sale. And then £15… Still, my resolve held! I even went in with Dan one lunchtime for a little snoop and agreed that as lovely as they were, I didn’t really need any of them. Besides, there weren’t many sizes left anyway. But then I got a voucher for Christmas. Admittedly just £10, but still, it was an excuse to go in there and look again. I chose to do so on an evening when I’d had a particularly bad time of it at work and was feeling like I needed a pick me up – always a bad idea to go shopping when you’re feeling hard done by! I also seemed to manage to pick that magical day where they’ve started setting up the clearance sale and had dragged all the long forgotten and returned pairs out of the back of the stockroom! Well, fast forward 30 minutes and I was on the train home feeling very much better and clutching a bag containing 4 pairs…! Four pairs that cost me just £50 after my voucher, mind you, but even I have to admit it was a little excessive. In terms of heels ended up going for the Manolo copies in blue and this rather lovely pair of red and gold brocade courts, because I noticed this Christmas that all of my ‘festive’ shoes are a little too high to wear for work (first world problems right there, I know!) Honestly I still feel a smidge guilty about buying these. Less so the flats – I’d actually been meaning to get a couple of pairs of more ‘dressy’ flats as I’m finding myself wearing them so much more these days so I’m actually pretty thrilled with them. Particularly the fuschia ones, I just wish it would stop bloody raining so I could wear them!! Anyway, here they are in all their glory:

I’d love to say the shoe purchases stopped there, but…:

Yeah. This happened. I’d already promised myself the Ted Baker Sailly boots and a new (well, second hand – I’m not all bad!) Kate Spade bag as a bonus treat, but of course once they’d gone on sale they sold out in my size immediately. Luckily for me though, some crazy lady listed them on eBay as an ‘unwanted Christmas gift’ so I managed to score them for nearly half the original price, brand new and never been worn! And as for the New Look sequin boots, I think we all knew after this post that it was inevitable they’d be mine!

Then there was a mini trip to Primark. As always, I only went in to buy tights and some underwear as I’d forgotten to pack some for a couple of days in Birmingham, but I couldn’t really leave without this rather darling little £6 bag could I?

Weakness Jan 5

A week later I made the mistake of stumbling into the Zara sale and splurging a little on a few nice tops and a dress, but costing a grand total of just over £40 for the lot I’m pretty happy with my bargains! My favourite has to be the dress, which only cost £7.99! Amazing value, and it’s already been worn twice!

Finally, the Kate Spade:

Weakness Jan 6

As I already own and love the Wellesley Alessa in turquoise shade I knew this was the one as soon as I saw it, especially at the excellent price of £80! I love that the neutral colours should make it a little easier to match into outfits than my other one and I already have some ideas so watch this space!

After all of that you’d think I have no need for anything else, but it is my Birthday next month, so…..



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