Fantasy Friday – Phase Eight Sable Dress

Nothing quite says Spring to me quite like the emergence of cherry blossoms on the trees! Those sweet little petals bobbing in the breeze, littering the ground like pretty pink confetti, don’t half fill my heart with cheer. It’s a welcome relief to the canvas of grey we become accustomed to in the Winter and feels almost like a light at the end of a dark, rain-filled tunnel! Sadly, thanks to The Beast From the East, which is busily scattering snow and sub zero temperatures across the UK in a haphazard fashion, it looks as though it may be a while before I get to see any in real life. Luckily though, Phase Eight have gone and created this little beauty for me to look at instead:

Phase Eight Sable 1
Sable Embroidered Dress, £169, Phase Eight

I’m not sure I can quite describe quite how much I love this dress. The soft, pastel colour, the retro shape, the intricate embroidery and the delicate mesh neckline – it’s all just perfect. I can just imagine putting it on and feeling a little like a 1950’s debutante if we still had such a thing these days, or at the very least feeling like the prettiest thing in the room. It’s basically Spring in a dress! And if Spring is going to carry on taking an age to appear this year, dressing as though it is already here might just be the next best thing!

Unfortunately I will have to make do with fantasies like that though, because at £169 it’s just a little too pricey for an impulse buy. Unless of course I can convince someone to book a last minute Wedding this year so I could have an excuse….

Hmmmm…. I think it’s definitely worth a try….



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