Moments of Weakness – March

Ok. Full disclosure. I haven’t been restrained this month. But I did promise myself I was going to stop beating myself up for spending my hard earned cash while I’m financially comfortable, so rather than spend a paragraph waffling on about what a bad, bad girl I’ve been, I’m just going to jump straight in there and tell you what I’ve been buying in the last month! Buckle up, it’s a long one…..

As predicted last month, Primark managed to snag a decent chunk of my pay packet in March thanks to the launch of their holiday collection! Next month we have a trip to Morocco booked, and OF COURSE I was going to want to pick up a few treats to take with me! These little shorts are just perfect for lounging by the pool, which is largely what we plan to do all week, and they have the added bonus of being so comfy they will double u nicely as pyjama bottoms the rest of the year round! My favourites are the blue and white printed ones, which just scream HOLIDAYS!!

March 18 Weakness 3

I also decided this short sleeved maxi dress was just perfect for eating dinner at sunset after a long, lazy day relaxing, so in the basket it went! I just adore the sweet peony print and button through detail and I just cannot wait to be able to wear it!

I also managed to pick up this rather stylish swimsuit which I’m super chuffed with, especially as it cost me just £8! It’s technically not for holiday – I decided since we got the hot tub I’d need to get one as I only own bikinis, and since I’m a little self conscious of my tum I’d feel a bit more comfortable now we’ll be spending more time in the tub with our friends! This was advertised as a control suit, and I wasn’t at all convinced it would do much at such a low price, but I’m actually very impressed with how flat my tum feels and looks in it, so I’m thrilled with this purchase!

March 18 Weakness 2

It hasn’t all been holiday themed – of course, while picking up these bits I spotted some other treats I simply HAD TO HAVE! Like this midi dress! I fell in love at first sight with the subtle colours in the floral print of this dress, it’s completely my style and fills a bit of a gap as most of my midi dresses are either strappy or short sleeved – since Spring is taking a while to appear this year a long sleeved version is going to be the ideal transitional piece for me, so keep your eyes peeled for an outfit post featuring it very soon!

I also spotted this sweet little midi skirt just last week. Floaty midis are fast becoming my favourite way to feel feminine while casual during the warmer months and this daisy print was just too sweet to resist. Also, BUTTONS! As I said in my Lust Haves post last week, buttons just make things better – no idea why, but they just do!

The other place that has been intent on stealing all my money of late is Joanie Clothing, where I managed to snag more than a handful of wonderful pieces in March. Most excitingly, the eagerly anticipated Fritha dress! After featuring it in my February wish list I’d already decided I was going to treat myself to this dress. Everything about it was just Perfect to me, and I pretty much had a countdown going until payday when I could finally make it mine! Pay day came, and OF COURSE I discovered it had sold out in my size! DISASTER! Obviously I am more than aware that there is much, much more to life of importance than dresses, but I was genuinely gutted. It isn’t all that often I buy things full price these days unless it’s a less than £20 Primark or H&M kinda bargain, so to have committed to getting this really showed how much I loved it and I was more than a little crestfallen when it happened. I am nothing if not determined though, and every day I checked in a couple of times in the hopes it had been restocked. It was a long three weeks before someone must have returned one and my perseverance paid off! In a way it has almost made it more special to me, not that it took much, because this dress is basically my personality in frock form!

March 18 Weakness 9

While on my endless quest for Fritha, it was inevitable I’d have my head turned by the sale, and I have to say, while the sales haven’t impressed me all that much this year so far (with the exception of the January sales in Zara and M&S where I got three tops and a dress and ALL THE SHOES, both times for under £50 of course…) I was very excited by Joanie’s generous discounting and managed to get myself some lovely bargains. Ditsy prints are obviously a favourite of mine, so I was very happy to find the Birdie Tea Dress and Deidra Skater Skirt for rock bottom prices. These both really appeal to my vintage tastes and the Birdie dress is a nice twist on most of my existing tea dresses – it’s a very flattering shape which nips you in at the waist and showcases the bust in a nicely subtle way and I love the fabric covered buttons all the way down the front. My only complaint is that the button holes are a little too big, which could definitely lead to some embarrassing popping open, so I plan to put a few stitches in them this weekend. Still, worth the effort for such a lovely (and affordable) dress!

I also managed to bag a couple of my favourite pieces from last Summer. I’d always regretted not picking up this gingham Ellen dress, which is the perfect off duty dress for exploring in the sunshine at the weekends so I was thrilled to have another chance to add it to my collection!

March 18 Weakness 12

I also bought the lovely, colourful Ava skirt. I wanted the dress last year, but never managed to get it in my size, so when I spotted the skirt I knew now was the time to pounce! I love how different the combo of mint and coral together is, and I already have lots of ideas as to how I’ll style it!

March 18 Weakness 1.jpg

Skirts seem to have been the major focus this month for me as it was also the month I finally tracked down the elusive pink pleated velvet midi skirt! After months of searching for the perfect version I finally found one on eBay and was gobsmacked to find it was from Primark! WHAT?? I spend most of my life in that store, how have I not spotted it before now?? Anyway, it’s mine now, wherever it’s from, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I of course then decided I simply couldn’t exist with just one pleated velvet midi in my life, and almost immediately added an olive green one from LOTD… I now want at least three more…. That’s just how I roll!

March 18 Weakness 6

Finally, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get myself a completely needless little eBay treat once a month, would I now?? This month it came in the form of this adorable Oasis tea dress! I spotted this a couple of years ago and was enamoured from the start, but while I love Oasis with a passion that alarms me at times, it is a little on the pricey side for dresses you don’t really need, so I resisted. I wasn’t going to let a second hand one get away though! Just look at those lovely bright colours!! I actually wore this already for Easter Sunday and love it to bits.

Phew! Told you it was a long one! What have you been buying this month?



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6 thoughts on “Moments of Weakness – March

  1. Hi Steph , its hard to be restrained sometimes , especially in spring time! Such a cute maxi in peony, great for eating in and a romantic walk along the beach! The daisy print midi is just gorgeous! The tea dress is so nice , along with the skater skirt! The velvet pleated skirts are always fun and the e bay dress is pretty red with beautiful floral print. I need to go shopping with you Lady! Take care Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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    1. Bloody Primark! They’re impossible aren’t they – every time I think I have everything I want I pop in just to get tights and BOOM! There’s a new dress I haven’t seen before! x

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