Outfit: Casual Pastels

Casual Pastels 4.jpg

Aw, well that was a nice little two days worth of Summer we just had, wasn’t it?? Yep, after a glorious weekend of 20 plus degrees last week we’re back to single figures again. Not the cheeriest of forecasts. I am NOT in the slightest bit thrilled about needing a coat again after just a fleeting reminder of what Spring is meant to feel like, dammit!

Luckily though, this pastel coloured beauty from Oasis, last seen in the bitter depths of Winter here, is helping to keep my spirits up with it’s pretty, blue hue. I don’t know what it is, but wearing lighter, brighter colours seem to really cheer up a grey day? Even though one of those colours is, er, well grey actually! But as much as I’m not a fan of grey skies, grey clothes are another thing altogether. Especially when they have polka dots!

I all seriousness, it’s a shade I’ve overlooked in the past, as on it’s own it isn’t the most exciting. But mixed into a pastel palette like this one? Just lovely. And it’s the perfect companion for pink, which can be a little too sugary on it’s own. And as for baby blue – well, is there even a colour more delightful I ask you? (oh wait… mint green….? Lilac….? Dammit, I just love all the pastels!!)

Casual Pastels 3Casual Pastels 1Casual Pastels 7Casual Pastels 9Casual Pastels 10Casual Pastels 8Casual Pastels 5Casual Pastels 2

Still though, if that sunshine would come back I’d pack the coat away in a heartbeat. Sorry coat, you’re beautiful, but it’s true!



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11 thoughts on “Outfit: Casual Pastels

  1. Hi Steph, I am sorry the summer temps have left you again! We also are getting some dreary weather , and rain . Looking at the silver lining, the coat is gorgeous! I love the baby blue coat . It is functional and very ladylike . The blouse goes great with it and look at those shoes!! I know one of your blogging followers asked you if you would give them your circle bag , so I better not ask too! Again lovely look and I really like your hair . Take care , Terri xo.

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  2. Love!!! That blue coat…is that soft periwinkle blue? It almost has a hint of purple. And those shoes! I can never have enough of pastels, especially lately. Great job putting them all together.

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