Moments of Weakness – April

As I alluded to in this month’s wishlist, the great shopping binge of 2018 appears to have subsided a little. The overwhelming urge to replace everything in my wardrobe with NEW SHINY THINGS has passed and I’m back to feeling the love for the pieces I already have. Part of it is the change on the weather – our little glimpse of Summer-like temperatures may have been fleeting, but there is definitely a change in the air and it definitely feels like my favourite time of year is finally upon us. It’s so much easier to feel satisfied with your wardrobe when you cross into a new season and can start dragging out things you haven’t worn in months, isn’t it? And thank God, because I was so freakin’ bored of jumpers and boots, let me tell you! Jacket and shoe weather is finally here, and it can’t have come soon enough!

Still, I’m not a completely changed person, so OF COURSE there have been a couple of purchases (otherwise this post would be more than a little pointless, right??) and it seems the theme this month is very much polka dotted!

It all started with this dress:

April 18 Weakness 2

Yep, I bought the red polka dot H&M dress, but I think I made it kind of apparent when I featured it last month that it was going to be mine, didn’t I…? I am super happy with this dress, which clings in just the right places but is the right length to still be classy, and am really looking forward to wearing it any time now thanks to the days getting a few degrees warmer! It wasn’t the only polka dot piece to catch my eye though…

April 18 Weakness 1

When I stopped by to buy the dress this little number also got added to the basket:

This sweet little top was the perfect casual but pretty item to wear for lazy weekends and days out. I just love the frilly sleeves!

I also picked up a couple of pairs of tassel earrings:

I’ve been trying to decide for a while now whether or not I could pull them off, but they don’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon so I decided SCREW IT and got them anyway. I was 99% certin Dan would make some comment about upholstery (actually it was a joke about nipple tassels that he made in the end…!) but I found I actually don’t care if they look a little daft – they’re a really fun way to add a bit of colour to an outfit and so far I’m loving them!

There was one slightly naughty eBay purchase too. It was – drum roll – POLKA DOTTED! (I wasn’t kidding about the theme…)

April 18 Weakness 5

I felt a teeny bit of guilt picking up yet another Lindy Bop Audrey dress, but with it pretty much being my Summer holiday uniform I have no doubt it will get plenty of wear, and for just £10! I love the red against the white background, and I’m busily planning lots of Summery outfits with it as we speak.

And that wraps up April’s spending – far more restrained than the last couple of months I’m sure you’ll agree! It’s timely as the ‘life plans’ are going to have to take precedence now as we have had planning approved on out house! But I have enough shoes to last a lifetime so it really isn’t a hardship…!

Still, I’ll be able to live vicariously through you all – tell me what you’ve been buying this month!



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