May Lust Haves

It seems I may have spoken too soon when I said those insatiable shopping urges had subsided…. Just when I thought it was safe to venture out onto the high street again a million and one things I want have started popping up here, there and everywhere! Worse still, they aren’t even sensible things that I can justify buying – they’re largely completely frivolous.

Like these:

May 18 Lust 1
Bow Sandals, Truffle Collection @ ASOS, £21

I first saw these a couple of weeks ago on the gorgeous Cato in Amsterdam‘s Instagram feed and fell hopelessly in love. In the worst possible way, of course, because as much as I love my heels I have more than enough pairs for your average person and striped sandals adorned with a bow aren’t something I’d get much use out of in my every day life. I hoped they were perhaps designer and too expensive for me to bother lusting after, though I knew in reality there was a good chance they weren’t because an awful lot of what she features is actually very much within my budget (which is both awesome and unfortunate all at the same time!!) OF COURSE I looked them up though, because I just like to torture myself like that. And I was equal parts delighted and horrified to find that they are not only by Truffle Collection – an already very affordable footwear line stocked by ASOS – but ON SALE, and a terrifyingly justifyable price of just £21. Guys, I want to be good, but this spells trouble. I may need to trade in a pair of shoes to make space on the shelves, because I just can’t see how I will resist buying these. (FYI – they also come in baby pink, at an even more terrifying reduced price of £14. Why are they doing this to me??)

Also, this:

May 18 Lust 2
Hysteria Floral Wisteria Dress, Joanie Clothing, £45

If there is one ting I have no shortage of, it’s dresses. Especially vintage style printed dresses. I don’t even have a shortage of vintage style printed Joanie Clothing dresses, truth be told, becaus they have been particularly sccessful in taking all my money this year. However, I don’t have one with a wisteria print, which is making me wish I owned this one. I have always love wisteria – I’ve even been trying to convince Dan we need to grow some up the front of our house – but everyone seems to be crazy for it this year if Instagram is anything to go by, which usually means I rebel by telling myself I don’t want what everyone else does. No such luck with this one though. Want, want, want…

I don’t need this either:

May 18 Lust 3
Curtsey Skirt, Collectif x Modcloth, $69

And it looks like I won’t get it, because in my usual fashion I dithered over whether or not to buy this gingham Collectif x Modcloth collaboration for too long, and it appears it is now only available on Modcloth again. Which of course makes me want it more than life itself…. I don’t think I would wear the suspender straps, which are removable, but that sea-like colour palette of mint, teal and blue is just dreamy and I’m all filled with all kinds of regret. Even though I have a billion other skirts in this style that should keep me more than satisfied!

Speaking of gingham…:

May 18 Lust 4
‘Dashing Darling’ Dress, Chicwish, £55.92

How bloody adorable is this Chicwish sundress?? Again, I have plenty of dresses like this already, and with only a handful of warm sunny days and the odd holiday where I’d be able to wear it, it probably isn’t a good idea to buy it. But I can’t seem to stop myself popping back to take a look! The pale pink shade, the gingham print, the shoulder bows, the fabric covered buttons, the sheer ruffle hem…. there is not one element of this dress that I don’t love. It’s dress kryptonite – I can’t help myself!

Finally, how about this beauty:

May 18 Lust 5
Grecian Maxi Dress, ASOS, £28

My good friend Charlie over at The Barefoot Angel has been sporting this grecian style maxi dress by ASOS on her travels recently, looking absolutely stunning – unfortunately I don’t have Charlie’s gorgeous curves so I doubt very much I would look anywhere near as sultry in it. Still, she is doing a very good job of making me want it regardless of my lack of, um, assets – so much so, I’m thinking of booking another holiday just so I have an excuse to buy it! Sensible? I think not…

So you see I’m in a bit of a quandary – so many pretties and no reason to buy them. perhaps it is time for a Spring wardrobe purge…!

What’s on your wish list this month?



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10 thoughts on “May Lust Haves

  1. Why do they do this to us Steph. Bring out the cutest dresses just when we need to cut ourselves off. The bow sandals, printed floral dress, the fabulous pink gingham with the ruffled hem . They are just too cute!! It is a quandry, take care, hugs, Terri xo.

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