Outfit: Mint Again

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Seems I can’t quite sto wearing mint green this Summer! Ultra Violet? Whatevs, Pantone, quite clearly mint is where it’s at! Although, if Monday’s post is anything to go by Ultra Violet does make a rather good partner for mint, so I’ll give them that…

Anyway, I’m not particularly surprised at this turn of events, because mint does happen to be a particular favourite of mine. I always find myself wanting to wear pastels when the sun comes out, with mint being top of the list thanks to how fresh and light it is – I love the way it can be girly and feminine without being too sweet.

Ultra Violet aside, one of my favourite ways to wear mint is with white, and when the sun came out to play on the day of a day out for my friend’s birthday I knew immediately that this is what I’d want to wear. This floaty white shell top from Oasis was the perfect pairing for my beloved Eden jeggings – the world most comfiest trousers, FACT. I had big plans to eat a lot that day so I was very happy to have both and elastic waistband and a floaty top to keep the bloat under wraps! Of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear these rather darling tassel earrings that I picked u from New Look last month! I really wasn’t sure I was cool enough for tassel earrings at first, but now I seem to be on a one woman mission to get a pair in every colour!!

Mint Again 11Mint Again 3Mint Again 4Mint Again 5Mint Again 9Mint Again 8Mint Again 12Mint Again 6Mint Again 10Mint Again 7Mint Again 2

As much as I love them though, it doesn’t like I’ll be wearing my Edens again for the time being – we are smack bang in the middle of a glorious heatwave right now, and even if I wanted to have my legs covered up – which I really, really don’t right now – I’m not actually convinced I could get them on. #sweaty!

I’ll leave you with that lovely thought shall i…?



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